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Example sentences for agonizing

And the wives, agonizing over what they can do to ease the suffering of their children.
Strychnine, slow agonizing deaths from traps, human beings certainly are a credit to the planet.
Our leaders are now working that conundrum backwards at a pace so slow it's agonizing.
The songs are sung by students to the accompaniment of a somewhat agonizing band-Times.
Respectful thousands hear an agonizing silence, punctuated with little heaving gulps.
One was obliged to submit, and absorb a few social lessons, in agonizing surroundings.
Finally, after a long and agonizing struggle, they got the shark onto the deck then installed the tag and let it go.
The hostages were eventually freed, but only after two agonizing months and payment of a ransom.
Then it took several agonizing minutes to cut the thick rope with a dull pocketknife.
As in all great contests, the heroes of the thoroughbred track square off in a world of thrilling victories and agonizing defeats.
It always rang as sort of self-serving, despite the fact that you sympathize with his agonizing plight.
We are agonizing among our choices in handling the manner now.
The new books go deeper into the agonizing question of what is happening to our country.
Unlike the others, this had the deflection and ensuing replay that resulted in an agonizing wait on both sides.
The six hours you're forced to spend with her are agonizing.
T heir thirst and hunger reached a new, agonizing level.
Before being able to dance, she would have had to undergo months of agonizing rehabilitation.
Whitecaps slapped into the fissures, generating an agonizing scalding sensation.
For agonizing minutes the carnage continues, until the soldiers' job is done and the pit smolders with an almost visible stench.
As if that exercise wasn't agonizing enough, the participants had to do it five more times.
Vaccines carry risks of complications, leading to agonizing ethical dilemmas.
It was our grandparents who really experienced the long and agonizing war.
The audience sat in silence for an agonizing eight minutes as they listened to an excited sportscaster describe the action.
More than five-thousand people died in agonizing convulsions.
It is an agonizing experience to look into the eyes of a loved one only to receive a confused look in return.
He was hospitalized that same afternoon and for three long, agonizing days he stayed in the hospital and began treatment.

Famous quotes containing the word agonizing

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