agonized in a sentence

Example sentences for agonized

Where the former film is agonized and sullen, the latter is mischievous and restive, daring us to be dismayed by its insolence.
He agonized endlessly, publicly lamenting having become emotionally involved in case after case.
She became depressed and agonized about how to go on with photography.
The general agonized over what to do, knowing that so many lives were at stake.
Long before psychiatry and psychology were born, people agonized over what to do without-of-control children.
He agonized over many things for years-and often made decisions that had unfortunate outcomes.
With blanched cheeks and agonized eyes and dauntless resolution, she insisted on accompanying the seekers.

Famous quotes containing the word agonized

On whose forbidden ear The distant strains of triumph Burst agonized and clear!... more
All the strong agonized men Wear the hard clothes of war, Try to remember what they are fighting for. But i... more
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