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Example sentences for agonize

Still, despite peer-reviewed evidence, many parents ignore the math and agonize about whether to vaccinate.
Philosophers agonize about whether the reality outside that circle even exists.
They themselves agonize over the restraints they face.
The ice cream and topping are so good that you don't even need to agonize over the short cake.
Good advice here, but on the other hand, don't agonize over things too much.
Good writers agonize over word choice, listen for sounds and rhythms, craft with care the cadences of their sentences.
During that time, don't agonize over any career decisions and don't allow yourself to feel guilty.
So instead of continuing to agonize about it, make an appointment to go talk to someone.
Natural and physical scientists needn't agonize, because their textbooks all accept the paradigm as a given.
Society sees the few people making a spectacle, not the many who agonize in secret.
Some people who agonize about their weight don't actually need to do anything about it.
They diet continually, but agonize about gaining weight.
In their own words, survivors recount how they escaped the floods and fetid conditions--and agonize over what comes next.
As recruiting observers agonize over decisions made by these youngsters, they often overlook some important considerations.
Buyers may agonize for months searching for the right house or condominium.
They agonize more over declining health and the rising cost of medical care.
Some have yet to be found and the families agonize as they wait to learn the fate of their loved one.
It's downright destructive to agonize over your body's imperfections.
Children can also agonize about these and many other factors.
Don't agonize over mistakes or apologize to the audience.
But thousands of wounded agonize in a state of atrocious suffering, without care and without help.
Volunteer program managers agonize over recognition.
Tell the scorers not to worry or agonize if they incorrectly scored several of the samples.
With the possible exception of the chronically ill, people are simply too busy to agonize over their health benefits.
One appeal of this approach, for investors who follow it, is that it eliminates having to agonize over when to buy or sell.
But she soon realizes that she is not at all sure about what she wants to do, and she continues to agonize over her decision.

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