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Example sentences for agitator

He is not allowed to be an artist, he must be an agitator.
And he can only be an agitator if he sings particular songs.
Since the agitator is elusive and clever, one never knows who he will turn out to be or where he will show his hand.
Even in his gradualist phase he remained an agitator, an egalitarian, and a socialist to the end.
Each of these inducements alone has been enough to turn many a lean and hungry agitator into a well-fed establishmentarian.
Cookers and dryers are horizontal, cylindrical vessels equipped with a center, rotating shaft and agitator paddles or discs.
Clothes last longer because the washer uses gentle tumble action instead of an agitator.
The purchase price of these machines is definitely higher than an agitator type machine with comparable features.
The tank in which the helper was working was used for mixing mud and was equipped with power driven agitator paddles.
Runs were made with the two-stage agitator configuration split liquid feed.
Every mixer shall be equipped with a full enclosure over the bowl which is closed at all times while the agitator is in motion.
The agitator switch is to be conveniently located in the milk house.

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The agitator seizes the word. The artist is seized by it.... more
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