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Example sentences for agitated

In the light wind other pieces of paper floated by in an agitated manner.
The officer, clearly agitated, scratched his head.
With less dominant bears you'll see slobbering when they're really agitated.
This guy was in an agitated state and was being escorted out of the building.
He was really agitated since the person behind the bar couldn't understand that he wanted wasabi.
While we waited for a supervisor, the line of customers behind me grew weary and agitated.
You are agitated; you are excited—it is but natural.
Strip of sheet metal is agitated by sander over glass covered with oil-moistened valve-grinding compound or abrasive grit.
Whenever I tried to talk, it agitated my abdomen and magnified the pain.
The kids were very agitated and upset.
The agitated zebras gallop back and forth in short, panicky dashes, then skitter off into the absolute darkness.
Restaurants became especially trying, as background noise agitated his voice even further.
When psychologists diagnose bipolar disorder, they typically look for mood swings between agitated mania and bleak depression.
But chimps that had met only as adults and lived together for eight years still became agitated at inequity.
If a shark enters the field, its sensory receptors become agitated, discouraging the shark from coming any closer.
Ruby crown patch visible only during display, or when bird is agitated.
They may pop out in response to pishing and raise their crown feathers when agitated.
Even circus and other performing animals have been known to become agitated and vicious.
He follows me everywhere and becomes extremely agitated at the slightest affection between my husband and myself.
Privately, however, the bankers seem much less agitated than they were last year.
Having agitated about global warming for decades, northerners now find the focus is not on them but on wildlife.
But whatever they wrote, there's no reason to get agitated and make this some nationalist exchange.
It has already agitated consumers since its implementation earlier this month.
The agitated features have something self-destructive about them.
His victims, previously agitated and tormented by violent hallucinations, became more peaceful after the operation.
Still, with every visit, the bird grew more agitated.
When she balked at letting him keep it, he became exceedingly agitated.
The performers' movements-at times delicate and slow, at times fast and agitated-help bring out the tension.
We are watching genuine actors at work, not well-paid hired hands filling up the space between agitated zeroes and ones.
Audiences were scandalized, censors agitated, and critics outraged.
At the same time, she must not fuss and flutter and get agitated and seemingly make efforts in their behalf.
The tree shook and gave a rustling sound with its branches, though no wind agitated them.
He repeated his demand in a still more agitated voice.
But your agitated countenances and your heaving breasts inform me that even this is not an unmixed joy.
When that grows too hot or too agitated for him, he politely leaves it.
As it was not made for common abuses, so it is not to be agitated by common minds.
She still looked agitated, and during the meal there was a somewhat constrained silence.
There were several ways of answering it, and he gave considerable thought to each one during the watches of an agitated night.
She was agitated, and told some money into his hand.
Whilst our saint during three years breathed the sweet air of retirement, the empire was agitated by several revolutions.
Another difference which regarded the tonsure was agitated in this conference.
Other medicines may be needed to control aggressive, agitated, or dangerous behaviors.
The patient may become over-agitated or may exhibit loss of coordination and poor balance.
Old people with dementia can become frightened and restless, angry or agitated.
Medications may be needed to control aggressive or agitated behaviors.
Nearby, a mounted light pulses an agitated rhythm, as does a loudly chugging machine.
Some of my agitated writers complained about dogs running free, barking all day and leaving their leavings in parks.
Even the thought of that rumbling stomach sensation makes them feel uncomfortable, agitated and insecure.
Once agitated, these single-celled creatures emit a blue light.
They also learn strategies to calm infants who tend to become agitated and stressed by social activity.
Neuroleptics are used since a long time in the management of severely agitated patients.

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