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Example sentences for agitate

Any wound sufficient to agitate the nerves and necessarily make the hand shake, must end the business for that day.
Various questions of great moment now agitate the general public.
Listen, all our opponents agitate for a law-governed state.
Gently push wool into water with a spoon, but don't agitate.
The movement is yet in an embryonic state, but it is hoped to sufficiently agitate it to win success.
Even a perfectly good heart found much to agitate it in the doings.
He argued that other minorities would agitate for similar rights.
Using your hand, agitate the mussels in a washing machine fashion, back and forth.
It doesn't agitate us as much as it confirms the seemliness of our apprehensions.
It needs to cooperate and trade rather than agitate.
He is teaching, dancing and making sure he does not agitate his herniated disks.
There is nothing here to excite or to agitate an audience.
Local politicians began to agitate on the residents' behalf, and receivership followed.
And then they won't agitate as vociferously for tax cuts.
Agitate gently with your hand, then pour off the water.
But then your agenda is to agitate rather thank and understand.
Instead, you'd agitate for change, as you regularly do here.
It is important to know if co-occurring disorders exist because symptoms of each disorder can agitate the other.
The function of a stirrer is to agitate liquids for speeding up reactions or improving mixtures.
The apparatus usually has a mechanism to turn or agitate the material for proper aeration.
At the completion of the test, agitate the collected filtrate until the mixture is uniformly mixed.
Agitate the slurry as necessary to prevent separation.
Other maintenance tasks may include cleaning impellers and oiling small motors used to agitate the solution during treatment.
Mixing system shall continually agitate the drilling fluid during drilling operations.
However, do not agitate the sample since this may cause changes in the pH.
Add a second charge of water to the sample in the washing container and stir, agitate, and decant.
The plant shall include a dryer or dryers which agitate the aggregate continuously during the heating and drying process.
When the wind blows, the waves on the lake agitate this surface agent, thus transforming it into sudsy white foam.
The spreading machine shall be equipped with paddles to agitate and spread the material evenly throughout the box.
After application, agitate spill area with water using a solid stream flow.
Use oil-free air to agitate rinse baths to improve rinse efficiency and to encourage evaporation.
Agitate insecticide solutions to keep the material in suspension.

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