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Caring for an aging parent is difficult, time-consuming work, both physically and mentally.
Aging pipes are often replaced with more earthquake-resistant magnesium-reinforced cast iron.
The little tips of chromosomes get shorter every time a cell divides, and this shortening is a mark of cellular aging.
One overlooked benefit of aging populations may be the prospect of a more peaceful world.
Something that would stand out in the sea of aging desert bungalows, but that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg.
New insights into how cells cope with stress could help combat neurological diseases and reduce the ravages of aging.
They have teenage kids, they have aging and dying parents.
One solution is to rebuild the aging power grid to be less vulnerable to solar disruptions.
Healthy aging may be possible with some genetic help.
Paula had several crocks of vinegar in various stages of development, as well as a cupboard filled with bottles of aging vinegar.
Researchers have developed a new strategy for fighting the degradations of aging in the liver.
Water and sewer systems in cities around the country are aging and vulnerable.
It set out to detect and repair leaks in the aging pipes of the water distribution system.
Modern science has harnessed that feature to eliminate wrinkles on the faces of an aging population.
The extraordinarily durable proteins in the world's longest-lived rodent may contain a vital piece of the puzzle of aging.
It's clear that the aging population can not generate much demand.
We poured the pasteurized vinegar into aging crocks and expected nothing but quiet mellowing.
Kim's view reflects the consensus view in aging research.
Background to the study is the phenomenon of aging and why it happens.
With the linear change in my aging eyesight, reverse type is simply harder to read.
Researchers believe they've found a major key to aging by studying fruit fly and worm genes.
The aging of the human race has been faster than anyone could have imagined a few decades ago.
Similar to tree rings, the patterns are a record of aging.
Rough terrain leading into the crater could have damaged the aging probe's steering system or broken its wheels.
Slowing down as a matter of lifestyle has been shown to reduce arthritis and other aging ailments.
The aging space shuttle fleet was granted a few more months of life today.
Much work on aging brains has focused on their failings, but two new studies look at how they succeed.
Its military capabilities are being down-graded every, its population is aging.
We do not know how to do accelerated aging tests short of trial and error.
Aging isn't the only factor responsible for memory loss.
The charcoal worked wonders on the aging process of his whiskey, and bourbon was born-to the delight of generations that followed.
Aging is not for the squeamish: skin sags, joints ache and hearing might start to go.
Aging populations and the prospect of a shrinking tax base are realities confronting every society.
It might be incompatible with aging rubber compounds and some metals.
Budgetary problems hamper reform of the health and pension systems of an aging population.
But there are no drinks, songs or hotel hospitality rooms crammed with loud and aging humans.
We now have birthrates severely declining and the population steadily aging.
Countries all over the world are fighting economic battles because of aging populations.
Also, it turns out that the brain compensates for aging by getting its hemispheres to work together.
The prison recidivism and aging prisoner rates are killing our state.
Plummeting fertility translates into fewer workers to add fuel to the retirement accounts in an aging society.
Aging may begin in the mitochondria-the powerplants of the cells.
The idea that aging is something that's not a given is a new paradigm.
When it comes to the science of aging, there are few discoveries as intriguing as telomeres.
It could transform the way people look at life and aging.
His work focuses on estimating the upper limits to human longevity and pursuing the scientific means to slow aging in people.
Both findings offer tantalizing clues to the mysteries of aging and cancer.
If this theory was true, anybody having their skull opened for surgery would also become a genius and stop aging.
The team thinks that genes related to aging are among those taken out of commission.
Effectively fighting aging is also certainly not a pipe dream.
Describes ongoing research on aging and lists clinical trials seeking participants.
Aging bourbon is expensive-and distilleries are cutting corners to speed up the process.
Why caring for my aging father has me wishing he would die.
They were even promoted as anti-aging ingredients in beauty products.
The research supports the idea that instability in genes may be a major factor in aging, the authors say.
Regular meditation may increase smarts and stave off aging, according to an ongoing study.
Get the skinny on aging and learn how old cells, free radicals, and cutting back on food affects longevity.
Advanced dementia has often been treated as an amalgamation of symptoms in the aging, rather than a deadly illness in itself.
The study could also shed light on how to develop drugs against the diseases of aging without introducing unintended side effects.
In humans, growth-hormone levels decline with age, and artificial growth hormone has been touted as an anti-aging drug.
Cutting calories has been shown to increase the life span of some animals and protect them from signs of aging and disease.
In fact, as aging nuclear plants go offline, wind can be filled in and use the hydro storage they used to require.
In the future, drugs that target this pathway in the brain might be one approach to stopping the diseases of aging.
If one of the aging transformers fails, the local utility may not even know until a customer calls to complain.
Another big problem, whose solution is harder to imagine, has to do with the world's aging population.
Hands-on manipulation of our genes could cure disease-and perhaps even aging.
Dogfish was already aging some of its beer in oak barrels.
There is probably still some time before the aging tunnels collapse, but no one knows how long.
Perhaps, but no more so than recently released anti-aging creams that feature placenta and faux snake-venom.
The jokes about mortality that run through his films become serious as he takes his aging seriously.
One could hear sighs lamenting the meandering path of an aging has-been.
Each features a central character who has trouble communicating and finds that aging does not make it any easier.
Americans are living longer but, somehow, aging sooner.
He does not suffer the indignity of premature aging brought on by excessive worry.
The mellowing effects of simple aging may have had something to do with it.
The skin care seems to have one main goal: anti-aging, the natural and safe way.
For that time, they filled a perfect niche-they were grown-up but not aging.
Healthy aging communities for active adult lifestyles:.
Most gray hairs are unavoidable, the result of aging and genetics.
Depression is a true and treatable medical condition, not a normal part of aging.

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