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Example sentences for aggrieved

Shareholders may certainly feel aggrieved that the architect of that strategy is still in the corner office.
Most of the credit for our good relations goes to her since she was the aggrieved one.
On a clear day, they resemble the jawbone of a shark and bear the aggrieved purple color of an approaching squall.
But it illustrates that the label has the ability to make its aggrieved customers whole again.
The aggrieved parties met and commenced arguing as to who was in the right.
Letters to the editor by aggrieved authors show that reviewing without reading is no rarity.
Amid rumours of an imminent police strike, farmers aggrieved at taxes and planned water charges blocked the main coastal highway.
At times, the aggrieved parties demanded a revote and threatened to abandon the political arena altogether.
First come the lawsuits on behalf of aggrieved investors.
Aggrieved investors intend to pursue civil actions against him.
Merrill may have felt justified in feeling aggrieved.
Similarly, they see democracy lectures as disguised efforts to extract concessions, or propaganda paid for by aggrieved oligarchs.
Whether this will set a precedent for many other aggrieved groups is doubtful.
They have reason to feel aggrieved about the inherent unfairness of the schedule, which rain delays exacerbate.
In a tone both aggrieved and insistent, he ticked off the highlights of his resume.
So, there was overrepresentation going on in favor of the aggrieved south, much different then what existed in the colonial era.
He preferred to feature two aggrieved witnesses offering anecdotal tales about radicalized relatives, as if that proved his case.
Instead, they're trying to make themselves the aggrieved party.
The sudden shift in fortune has left some younger workers feeling aggrieved.
Aggrieved office workers puffed furtively out their windows.
It can leave parents not only aggrieved but desperate to find any cure, any salvation.
But in others, the owners felt genuinely aggrieved, sorry to lose fertile cropland that yielded as many as three harvests a year.
Harpoons will finally have been forged able to spear sharks-and strong safety nets knitted to catch the aggrieved, and the naïve.
He took a country in chaos and remade it in his own image: tough, aggrieved, defiant.
Also, the aggrieved have to complain by fax or letter.
Aggrieved persons may have a physical or mental disability that affects their ability to read, speak or write.
If the program prevails, the program and the aggrieved will evenly split the costs incurred through the process.

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