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Example sentences for aggressively

She is dressed aggressively in the fashion of a bygone age.
In some groups monkeys kiss, in others they aggressively shake branches at one another.
Because shock is so devastating, many investigators are aggressively trying to develop better treatments.
To reach the pro level, football players must compete aggressively.
Some experts see the findings as evidence to more aggressively monitor and perhaps even treat inflammation in patients.
They need to be experimenting more aggressively to find ways to fix the system.
Furthermore when human has not the minimum of source of living, responses aggressively.
The squid flash aggressively with the frenzy of feeding.
Tigers live alone and aggressively scent-mark large territories to keep their rivals away.
It aggressively defends nest cavities, possibly to the detriment of native species.
The barred owl is aggressively displacing remaining spotted owls from their territories.
In the last three years, several snowboard companies have begun aggressively marketing these backcountry boards.
Yogi acts aggressively towards neighborhood dogs that are either running loose or behind fences.
They are extremely well behaved, but when someone comes to the door they jump all over them, though not aggressively.
With the government's meager resources swamped by demand, private providers have aggressively pursued students.
The university eliminated loans for low-income students and aggressively recruits students in less-affluent parts of the state.
In a statement, the university said it was aggressively pursuing the investigation.
They will aggressively appeal the jury's verdict, the university said in a written statement.
The department had aggressively sought to get as many colleges as possible ready to change to the new system, too.
They're aggressively targeted as customers by the tobacco industry.
Instead, it's continually rethought what its flagship media player should do, and fought to price it aggressively.
The euro zone can survive them if it moves aggressively to prepare for them.
T-Mobile has a history of cutting prices aggressively.
But the reluctance to aggressively and closely monitor potentially-dangerous individuals is more broad and deep-seated.
The consequence of this is that it has lots of cash and a desire to invest it aggressively.
Drug-dealers loitered aggressively with pit bulls at their heels.
All are similarly unsmiling, aggressively demanding money.
Another field where patenting is pursued aggressively is semiconductors.
Buying from a company so aggressively fighting for job-destroying corporate welfare was making me feel guilty.
Credit-worthy governments acting aggressively could greatly speed recovery from such a balance-sheet recession.
The authorities frequently behave especially aggressively towards foreign investors.
The government has begun to target consumer price inflation aggressively.
Supermarkets have been selling music aggressively in the past five years.
The house took a risk in estimating some of the pieces aggressively, and generally got away with it.
My only criticism of the book-and it's a small one-is that he could have followed his thesis even more aggressively.
If he were not to probe aggressively, though, he might miss a bit of tumor and defeat the purpose of the procedure entirely.
The show was an aggressively drab-looking affair on the whole, but touched with formal and spiritual elegance.
It's easy to stereotype obesity as an affliction of the poor, since low-end junk food is so aggressively marketed.
When a recession ends, there tends to be some lag to when firms and companies are comfortable hiring aggressively again.
Yet she's barefoot and primal, grabbing junk that she doesn't have, and dancing aggressively.
But no, their incursion seems aggressively local, and the paddle-boat remains a set design in search of a rationale.
In both cases, companies aren't going to suddenly hire aggressively as demand grows.
And yet he has proceeded to do all of those things in office, sometimes even more aggressively than his predecessor.
When demand for treasuries is high, investors will bid aggressively, which will result in low interest rates on treasuries.
In other words, for all its talk about automatism, surrealism produced an aggressively purposeful art.
Then he should announce an aggressively honest review of what has not worked in the first five years of the war.
If the industry resists, ban all food advertising aimed at kids, and aggressively enforce the ban.
So could regime change from within, as new regimes behave aggressively to consolidate power.
In general, consumers felt a little more comfortable spending, and businesses more aggressively ramped up their inventories.
They challenged the machines that had excluded them from power, and whites responded fearfully and aggressively.
Instead, if his opponents play too aggressively against him, he will play them exactly the same way at the other end of the court.
They also shop pretty aggressively with balance transfers and other techniques for managing their balances.
They have a seemingly insatiable desire to debate, sometimes quite aggressively.
The simulator measures how fast, accurately and aggressively the driver follows the route.
Perry's campaign is aggressively pursuing those voters.
When they were detected by other group members, some were aggressively attacked.
And the company intends to guard its privilege aggressively.
When he made his own vibrations, living males responded accordingly and aggressively.
He incubates the eggs, raises the hatchlings and defends them aggressively.
We also need real leadership to aggressively create jobs using sustainable technologies.
Fleur also broke the mold by experimenting with photography-and by aggressively recruiting top editors for her department.
The government has moved aggressively, and on several fronts, to stanch the immediate damage.
They understood how to shape tales subtly and aggressively to their own ends.
When those systems fail, patients are often treated aggressively rather than with palliative care.
Overall, females rarely drove aggressively prior to a crash.
Tuna populations around the world are being fished more aggressively.
Children, who are more susceptible to strep and rheumatic fever, are usually treated more aggressively.
TV sitcoms have spent more than three decades trying to prove that adage, but never more aggressively than now.
Aggressively pursue new and promising technologies to meet known business requirements.
Don't run, but act aggressively stepping toward the wolf and yelling or clapping your hands if it tries to approach.
My concern is that our services are still not moving aggressively in wartime to provide resources needed now on the battlefield.
Your base, essentially a bechamel sauce, must be thick and aggressively flavored.
Even when accelerating aggressively, engine noise isn't intrusive.

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