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The rich colors on the panel are natural-colored aggregate from all parts of the world.
Exposed aggregate surfaces will also add the unusual in surface decoration to a walk, driveway or patio.
Fines and costs, these judgments amount to an aggregate of about $38000.
Don't use a word like "aggregate" when "total" will work just fine and is more easily understood.
We do, however, share information about our audience in aggregate form.
If we each do a little, we will of course achieve only a little, in aggregate.
To grow, a capitalist economy depends upon steady aggregate demand.
The bulk of the material consists of aggregate—fine particles such as sand and coarse ones such as gravel or crushed stone.
The crisis flows from the way markets aggregate individually rational choices.
Society is not made up of individuals; it is not an aggregate but a society.
Now imagine being able to aggregate this sort of information from large numbers of phones.
The 15-year lease has an aggregate rent of more than $5 million.
But among this infernal aggregate of casinos and hotels, there is this resort that seems broken from the scenery.
Ores consist of an aggregate of minerals which have coalesced not accidentally, but as a result of the conditions of their origin.
Undoubtedly the aggregate of bodily feelings is to be included among the commanding dream stimuli which originate internally.
And the great advantage of it is that it gives you a way to aggregate information, and therefore to see patterns.
There are lots of tools out there that aggregate existing information and even organize it for users to interpret.
The aggregate results show that no major shifts have happened in the last five years.
It essentially acts to aggregate application repositories from trusted developers.
Collecting multiple streams of trustworthiness cues to form an aggregate of credibility is at the root of this dynamic.
Even when epidemiology is not manipulated to serve special interests, it tells the truth of an aggregate.
The costs and benefits beyond a hundred years make little difference to the calculated aggregate.
When investment falls, unemployment increases, and individual and aggregate income contracts.
He is driven not by the aggregate amount of debt he possesses but by the amount of the payment.
Furthermore, when larger amounts of dye are used in the other materials, they start to aggregate.
These foundries aggregate high-volume orders from multiple customers to keep production lines humming.
The idea works if companies are content with accurate aggregate data and not details about individuals.
Left alone by their parents and living off their body stores, chicks aggregate into crèches.
The aggregate data show no long-run negative effect of population growth upon standard of living.
Over time, it grew and now is no longer a single crystal but an aggregate of them.
Still, no matter how innocuous your individual tweets, the aggregate ends up being the foundation of a scary-deep self-portrait.
Fiscal stimulus has helped shore up aggregate demand.
It might bring about additional fiscal revenue without hurting aggregate demand.
Such payments provide crucial support to the long-term jobless and help to prop up aggregate demand.
However there are some indications that aggregate supply may also be slowing the recovery.
In fact, all expansionary monetary policy actions are aimed at boosting aggregate demand, relative to the no action alternative.
They consider inflation's principal determinants to be the gap between aggregate supply and demand and the public's expectations.
Hanson is one of the few available aggregate-makers in a consolidating market.
His policy work focuses on aggregate risk management and insurance arrangements for emerging markets and developed economies.
He says that those will be the main result of relying on monetary policy to control the aggregate demand.
Also, while this may not have mattered in the aggregate, it may have mattered in individual races.
When the economy slows and jobs are shed, the state spends more on unemployment benefits, helping to support aggregate demand.
But the clients of stockbrokers have, in aggregate, merely taken home their dividends.
It is what makes consumers at large-including poor consumers-better off, raising real incomes in the aggregate.
People have trouble uncoupling the idea of cause from aggregate results.
Out in the distance a huge plant spews out cement and aggregate for yet more construction.
As a result, companies in aggregate have become net savers on a huge scale.
Actually there is a third way: targeting a monetary aggregate.
The week, month and year tabs display the aggregate scores of the period selected.
The root of all sins, in this study, is the aggregate of all data.
The computer thus must solve fewer equations to describe the cars' aggregate behavior.
In aggregate, these changes make neurons more sensitive to each other and put the anatomical scaffold of a memory in place.
Rather, they're generating an aggregate measure from a range of concrete subcomponents.
The facts don't lie and the aggregate temperature of the entire planet is getting gradually hotter.
There's no simple way to aggregate well-being over different individuals.
So societies or populations can get heavier in the aggregate but retain the same heritability.
Then, last spring, it was revealed that the company wanted to extract this aggregate and ship it to the city.
Average weekly hours, average weekly earnings, and aggregate weekly payrolls turned negative.
Every step up the education ladder results in higher earnings in the aggregate.
Civil liberties actually got worse in the aggregate.
While many of these regulations appear harmless or even positive, in aggregate they make for something darker.
But maybe there was something more to the searches in aggregate.
Academics aggregate and simplify data to describe a phenomenon.
There does not seem to be much data showing that, in aggregate, people who have poor credit do not make good employees.
Thus, a continual control over aggregate risk can be maintained.
Aggregate home prices also didn't decline during those recessions.
The historian and the novelist both work to deconstruct the aggregate fictions of their societies.
They filter out the stories you can ignore, and they aggregate the ones they think you should read.
Wendy, your example is actually exactly why preventive care in aggregate costs more than treatments.
In some applications, recycled aggregate can compete with natural aggregates on price and quality.
Berger has investigated the use of cement clinker aggregate in concrete.

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