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Example sentences for aggravated

Some doctors will say that you are suffering from emotional distress, aggravated perhaps by lack of exercise.
It was easy to see in her voice that she was getting aggravated.
The other conditions may be aggravated by tonsillitis though doctors disagree on meningitis and digestive involvements.
The charge was amended from an aggravated to a serious misdemeanor.
The disruptions this week made aggravated passengers reroute their journeys, use alternative transit means, and walk.
Bike riding probably aggravated my back issue.
He died of a heart attack aggravated by a history of diabetes, his family said.
The impact of seniority pay is aggravated where companies must pay extra pension or health contributions on behalf of older staff.
He was charged with disturbing the peace and aggravated assault, Hicks said.
The threat of war has aggravated an already awful predicament.
The injury has been aggravated by the bear repeatedly rubbing her nose against the bars of her small cage.
And the depressive state of a patient certainly can be aggravated by another mood disorder at the same time with some patients.
If you believe in human aggravated global warming, you have to support nuclear power.
If anything, modern technology has aggravated the problem of mutually exclusive realities.
Its impact will be aggravated by a second trend: the widespread fall in fertility rates.
All were charged with one count each of robbery and aggravated battery.
Irritative sneezing may also be caused or aggravated by hairs in the nose, nasal polyps or a deviated septum.
He aggravated the injury during the game, but returned to play through the pain.
Except as otherwise provided in this division, aggravated menacing is a misdemeanor of the first degree.

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