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Because whichever service becomes the executive agent gets a heap of money and power, to go along with the responsibility.
He has also made a lot of enemies being a sports agent.
The amount an agent gets for a new policy has fallen by up to three-quarters.
One such agent scientists are looking at is a fungus that attacks mites but not the bees.
He was that rarity, which you see a lot in fiction but rarely in real life-a sleeper agent.
That's why it's best to make sure your secret agent gear is top quality and working properly.
When the auction ends, a government agent shows up and flips a coin.
Today the biggest threat from smallpox comes from its possible use as a bioterrorism agent.
OC spray was intended to be a non-lethal but incapacitating agent.
Note already shredded cheese is coated with a non caking agent.
Lipping this pistol disguised as a cigarette, an agent could easily release the safety pin.
In short, you have to be your own public-relations agent.
One travel agent says he has sold more than a thousand wedding packages since he began offering the service three years ago.
And, he is the guy a bug calls when it needs an agent.
Math: does not exist independent of humans, it isn't an agent producing anything until a human creates and uses it.
As much as photography was born into a changing world, it also functioned as an agent of that change.
It was printed with waterproof dyes so the colors wouldn't run if an agent had to make a sudden water-borne escape.
Gonzales's agent after vocal protests from their peers and professors.
He argued that a protein, not a virus or any other known parasite, was the infectious agent responsible for scrapie.
Formic acid is a simple organic acid, used by humans to preserve foods and by nettles and red ants as a stinging agent.
The agent as currently given makes areas of interest more distinct but usually cannot resolve extremely small metastases.
The accompanying camouflage kit allowed an agent to paint the coal the same color as local coal in order to blend in.
The caller can then be put through to an agent who is experienced at handling a particular sort of transaction.
The description of nodding syndrome here points to an infectious agent.
Lidocaine, an anesthetic agent that traces its history back to cocaine from coca leaves.
Another agent is planted in the corner store across the street, eyes fixed on the meeting-place windows.
Today, our agent took a couple on a tour of the house--the couple is looking to rent for a year.
The desk agent airily reminded me that a ticket no longer guarantees a flight.
By tossing the grenade in a hooch or bunker, everything within the building would be covered with the agent.
She never felt she deserved more, though her friends and her agent did.
The first invokes an oil, secreted by the spider, that serves as an anti-stick agent.
In my view, only an intelligent agent can account for the origin of information in such a rapid fashion.
These studies show that it is the genes that are largely the causative agent.
Contact a real estate agent in the area if you're considering buying.
His agent demanded the usual terms, which included signing over half the rights to the tune itself.
The array is coated with liquid vaccine mixed with a thickening agent.
There's lots of data and little argument that increased ocean temperatures are the primary agent of bleaching.
Yet this blip of a career has cost a prominent player agent tens of thousands of dollars and dented his reputation.
Larger batches can double as an effective cleaning agent.
Handy believes that the age of the portfolio worker will mark the return of the professional agent.
With disarming frankness, he also admits that his agent had spotted a gap in the market.
Disintermediation has indeed come about, as any out-of-work travel agent or bookseller will tell you.
Once identified, such people might be approached by another agent and offered a bribe.
The travel agent deals with all the tricky paperwork.
He had heard about the film through our agent and he loved it.
The pool of free agent starting pitchers is shrinking as spring training approaches.
In the past, planning a vacation meant calling a travel agent to book your tickets, hotel and activities.
The new agent avoids these dangers by binding only to a subset of glutamate receptors that have more nuanced effects on neurons.
But after review, they realized that the true agent was the weak alcohol solution the cholesterol was dissolved in.
Bios deftly built an agent-based model, the favored device of complexity researchers.
Of course, those providing the curative agent would have the right to a fair return on investment.
The scientists undertook to isolate the souring agent.
The notion of a restaurant as agent of social change is gaining ground.
In the new experiment, scientists increased the viscosity of the reactant solution by adding a thickening agent.
White vinegar is a non-toxic, acidic cleaning agent that cuts grease on floors effectively.
Ask your travel agent for unique cultural experiences when planning your trip.
When you go to an exhibition of new paintings, you are not a free agent.
It appears probable that disuse has been the main agent in rendering organs rudimentary.
One guy started out friendly, then threw my agent and me out of his office.
When the coating cracks, the cracks spread downward and reach the underlying channels, which ooze out healing agent.
The pre-test can report prospectively to a physician specifically which chemotherapy agent would benefit a cancer patient.
The beta-endorphin was proposed as potentially a pacification agent.
There's a lot of risk in bringing strangers into your home, so a good rental agent is worth paying for and is deductible.
One of our professors there had sent the manuscript to his agent, launching an enviable career that would have happened anyway.
He never used a manager or an agent for his contract renewals again.
She has never had a long-term relationship with a recording label, and she has never had a press agent.
The unknown infectious agent was causing people to die with hemorrhages flooding from the natural orifices of the body.
If she comes clean to her editor or agent about her plan, they beg or command her to reconsider.
He'd given roughly two thousand dinner-theatre performances in high school before he landed an agent.
If you fail to see a distinction between a manager and an agent, that's because there barely is one.
He was a lawyer who became an agent and an agent who became a producer.
They were recommended by an amazing travel agent who put the trip together.
And they look to you, their agent, more than anybody for help.
Most people have their first contact with an insurance company through an insurance sales agent.
Soap is a cleansing agent also made from vegetable oils.
All reveal something about the psychology of this celebrated double-agent.
Now he is an insurance agent on the fast track to forty.
But that is not quite the same as thinking of the secret agent as the creator of extravagantly imagined worlds.
His agent and publisher have never laid eyes on him.
Capitalism, not being an agent, can hardly be expected to bear any moral burdens.
None of these groups is a plausible agent for regime change.
If discovering yet another agent of global warming gets you down, take heart.
We can't trace cancer to any single agent or fateful event.
The usual treatment is a topical antimicrobial agent.
But the terminator trait is dormant until the seed is exposed to an activating agent, tetracycline.
He is also exploring the possibility of an area-masking agent.
But the environmental factor could be an infectious agent that you had in your body at some time in your life.
They found an insulin-sensitivity agent that might be useful in the treatment of diabetes.

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