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The federal consumer-protection agency is about to open for business.
There might be a way to get a new rating agency up and accepted faster than going thru a complete cycle.
Amenities include a restaurant, ice-cream shop and travel agency.
Innovation should not be dictated by a needless government agency.
The program is now officially done, the agency says.
Those partnerships pose a wide range of payoffs and risks, the agency says.
But he said the agency could say little more about the case while it was in litigation.
The space agency crashed a satellite on the moon in a search for water.
The agency had already enlisted an unusual team of bioscience experts.
It is rare in advertising for an agency to disclose a loss of a client, much less to announce it publicly.
The difficulty, as ever, is to make the agency properly serve the public that pays for it.
Choose your state from the list, and then find the name of the agency that manages your school's water.
Advertiser and agency placing order are jointly and severally liable for payment.
Make sure you check to see if the agency you're dealing with offers no-cost extensions.
Payment must be made by closing unless advertising is placed through an accredited agency.
The agency has repeatedly put out calls for suggestions from the public.
It also would establish a new agency to oversee consumer lending.
The federally funded agency predicts where tropical cyclones will go and how strong they will be when they arrive.
The agency gets money that is supposed to go for spy tools that can be shared across the government.
Then he admitted that the agency couldn't afford to do that.
He was actually a spectacular insurance salesman who co-founded an agency and made a fortune.
The agency spokesmen were less candid about their reliance on ratings.
Imagine an independent agency whose mandate is fiscal stability.
The mandate of the agency is to promote fear in the interest of national security.
Here the agency of the filmmaker is redistributed between the autonomous robot and the subjects of its film.
The agency's probes have visited all of the solar system's planets and it has done a lot of important science.
Skimping on this while money is tight, says the agency, will cause growth to suffer in the long term.
The agency also offers several more novel prescriptions.
The agency will also want to know why your proposed activities are worth the risk of investment.
The credit-rating agency retained its negative outlook for all sectors of higher education for a second consecutive year.
Yoga allows us to regain agency and to participate more fully in our lives.
Tailor them to the specific goals of the grant agency.
Environment agency launches searchable public log of major greenhouse-gas emitters.
It is also a jobs agency, an industrial policy agency and a foreign policy agency.
The federal agency makes an unprecedented decision in response to last week's federal injunction.
Most local businesses don't have the budget to pay an advertising agency to design ads for them, he explains.
Neither the agency charged with safety nor the manufacturer acted.
Every major intelligence agency across the world does the exercise.
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