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The result is that agencies have often been led by people skeptical of their own duties.
Half of the uninsured owe money to hospitals, and a third are being pursued by collection agencies.
At key agencies, a disregard for inconvenient evidence seems today to be a prerequisite.
Peer review, the mainstream media, and government agencies have landed us in a ditch.
In addition, fisheries agencies will have to set tough quotas and enforce them.
Aid agencies can respond more quickly to a natural disaster.
It also recommends that the president's office better coordinate government agencies to oversee the work.
There are government regulatory agencies, they should take actions if necessarily.
Then the local power companies and government utility agencies came to subsidize them.
The professors who teach are paid by various funding agencies for their research.
There are five agencies that report temperature anomalies.
Elsewhere, the proportion is higher at agencies specializing in temporary jobs for lawyers.
Software now makes it possible for clients to have work done in-house at a fraction of the cost paid to agencies.
In the world of aid agencies, this notion has been hotly contested.
Unless certain agencies could use twitter as a tracking system, there is no real significance to much of this information.
Much of this is due to the underfunding and overstretching of their statistical agencies.
Temping agencies would be abolished and companies would be required to register all vacancies with government labour centres.
But enforcement is split between two agencies and often inconsistent.
Rather than conduct its own measurements the group collected data from various official agencies.
Even where the government or aid agencies are present, the help is patchy at best, with many left to fend for themselves.
Much of the rest of the country is suffering a severe food shortage, say aid agencies.
One theory is that the job will be divided between three agencies.
Your good idea must also be well positioned, or review panels for grant agencies are unlikely to approve it.
Foundations and agencies that support outreach programs want to see their money make a difference.
There are other placement agencies listed in the first site's links section.
Aid agencies relied on text messages from cellphones and crowd-sourced maps to direct rescue workers.
Research reports are those usually required by funding agencies or your employer.
They worked with consultants, lenders, and guarantee agencies to improve their communication with former students.
The event, organized by four government agencies, drew a sizable number of foreign attendees.
Review accrediting agencies and state agencies to find out where they sit.
Its construction required careful coordination between nearly a dozen countries working through five space agencies.
You'd be amazed at how sophisticated the ad agencies are now.
The collective budget is yet to be determined, the agencies say.
All the regulatory agencies are beginning to realize it's important to update approaches and look at all of the available science.
Lunar orbit has become a popular destination for the world's space agencies of late.
The efforts of dozens of agencies have failed to convince the people of many, many nations to limit their populations.
My first reaction was that regulatory agencies stop worrying about non-fetal stem cell research.
Even if they do there are always agencies willing to plan new missions.
So why isn't this being promoted more by world health agencies.
In response, travel agencies stress the service travel agents offer.
The world is heading online, and that includes our public governmental agencies.
The president has asked federal agencies to find solutions on their own.
Without credit histories being kept by the credit rating agencies, then consumer credit would be even worse off.
It's back to the agencies to disclose their information.
But communication between many organizations and agencies is often stove-piped.
Now, as its citizens begin to rebuild their lives, food aid agencies must balance present demands with long-term needs.
The talent agencies in particular are feeling the financial squeeze as jobs diminish along with packaging fees.
Granted that there were obvious obstacles-intelligence agencies never share information easily for fear of exposing the source.
Matchmaking agencies advertise different strengths to attract high-end clients.
Ad agencies, after all, are supposed to be in the business of selling products invented by others.
But agencies are reluctant to recruit and cultivate ethnic models if there's no demand for them.
The main reason is an all-too-common problem for social-service agencies: money.
My third priority would be to eviscerate the ratings agencies that kept slapping happy-face stickers on financial crud.
And both sets of atrocities were covered up by the agencies that should have protected the weak.
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Agencies provide services and support to birth parents and adoptive parents.
Many agencies ask birth parents to choose the adoptive parents from the agency's group of waiting families.
Directory listing for federal agencies and departments:A.
List of state and territorial environmental agencies.
Agencies are often included because they requested to be listed.
Directory listing for federal agencies and departments:B.

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