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The team gathered data on both the television viewing habits and behavior of the subjects as they aged.
What's more, the aged redwood brought with it the character the yard had been missing.
Others have built their own instruments, using artificially aged wood.
Both heats and colds are become much more moderate within the memory of the middle-aged.
But others are meant to be further aged in the bottle, allowing them to develop what is considered the perfect balance of flavors.
Large macaroni noodles smothered and baked in a thick white sauce with aged white cheese grated and browned on top.
Perhaps increasingly self- conscious about her face, she covered it as she aged.
Luckily, as the flag aged, conservation techniques grew steadily more sophisticated.
Cool downtown with lots of college aged people walking around.
There won't be any middle-aged students to bring up the level of courtesy and maturity.
Middle-aged or older minority professors should be addressed formally at first encounter.
Many games have aged poorly, and are best left in the anonymity that the twenty-odd years since has brought them.
Children born to mothers who are stressed during pregnancy may become adults with prematurely aged cells.
It's a glorified toy built by middle-aged hobbyists moonlighting as rocket scientists.
Suicide is on the rise for the first time in a decade, and it has a new face: middle-aged, white adults.
His team found that as these veterans aged their cognitive function declined almost twice as fast as that of their peers.
The gorillas are juveniles, aged two to seven years, rescued from illegal trade.
The overcast lighting along with the weather aged deteriorating boats added to the forlorn feelings of the scene.
The team then examined mice that had aged normally and found their stem cells were similarly defective.
The small neighborhoods and villages in the center of the island have an aged beauty about them.
One middle-aged couple gets up from their seats and starts to dance in the back of the shop.
Emma, the narrator of the story, is a middle-aged writer who is on her second marriage.
Hirsch, aged seventy-one, is known for his willingness to challenge seemingly obvious conclusions.
Homes are found for all the animals, except for an aged elephant.
The process of writing hasn't got any easier as she's aged.
The grid was built half a century ago and served us well for decades, but it hasn't aged well.
It seems that this article relies upon aged information.
Electric vehicle owners could part with their aged batteries for a decent sum of money from their electric company.
And magnetic resonance imaging showed that caloric restriction preserved gray-matter volume in the brain as the monkeys aged.
The original fans may have aged, but will likely tune in for nostalgic reasons.
Moonshine or not, it's definitely at the forefront of an emergent trend: small batches of raw white spirits, or un-aged whiskey.
We recommend the aged ducks, which have a richer taste.
It's iconic, yes, but it's not a movie that has aged particularly well on it's own.
Most telling of all was the pattern of craquelure, cracks in the paint that had appeared as the surface dried and aged.
He is listed as the second of his parents' children, aged eight.
There are warm and loving middle-aged couples who hold hands.
At the same time, the aged brain processes the stream of visual data much more slowly.
But they could play an important role in showing astronomers how galaxies formed as the universe aged.
Mice engineered to lack telomerase aged prematurely.
As my father aged, he suffered cognitive problems secondary to neurological damage.
They were savage and bitter, especially the middle-aged and the old, and had been made so by boredom and disappointment.
Yet this circle of advisers inevitably aged and shrank.
For those aged blues musicians who benefited from the revival, the experience must have nevertheless been disconcerting.

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