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While getting older may be better than the alternative, there's no reason why you have to be completely upfront about your age.
Confusion about the nature of the so-called information age has led to a state of collective false consciousness.
Scientists are uncertain whether the warming climate is to blame for the extinction at the end of the last ice age.
Large parental age differences increase the risk for psychiatric disorders, whereas other environmental factors decrease risk.
The first years of the millennium have become, for interesting reasons, a golden age of popular political biography.
Flowers age to tannish gold, remain attractive for a long time.
The soapbox of the digital age draws a crowd of academics.
Dense tuft of slender, silvery green leaves with tips that curl with age.
Age ratings are more complicated than they first appear, especially if you are a parent who is new to gaming.
Round headed but with horizontally tiered branches in age.
Old age is tough on brains, sapping them of a variety of abilities.
Understanding how they work may reveal the keys to extending human life span while banishing diseases of old age.
Plump pink buds open to scented semidouble blossoms that age to a lighter, creamier pink.
Being similar in age is not necessarily a disadvantage.
Behold the future of atomic energy in a comic book from the dawn of the atomic age.
Rounded clusters of blossoms are pink when they open in late summer or autumn, later age to coppery pink and finally to rust.
Smooth gray trunks and branches become gnarled and picturesque in age.
Branches stiffly upright, forming a beautiful inverted cone that spreads with age.
Plumes age to tan and drop seed before winter, leaving bare stems.
It also acts as a preservative, helping wine age gracefully.
Both cheese and wine are intricately flavored substances that change with ripeness and age.
Bears fruit year-round and starts producing at an early age.
Broad and conical, it often retains branches to ground even in age.
Pink buds open into white flowers that age purplish pink.
New foliage is marbled with bronzy red and pinkish white, deepening to rose and bronze with age.
It doesn't seem to make much of a difference at that age.
He attributed that mismatch to the wide age distribution and other diverse demographic characteristics of the online student body.
Curley simultaneously guided the cooperative into the digital age.
But she's not bemoaning the fact that she's on the cusp of middle age.
Already one of the world's foremost evolutionary biologists, he had caught the spirit of a new age.
What these experiences drive home is that the information age is the bane of all conscientious parents.
Some of the spines appear wizened with age, others straight at attention.
Among the fitness tests are two showing whether referees can run with players, some half their age.
In this age of technology however, there have been great advances in the tools that can be used to store these memories.
At two years of age, or the mouse equivalent of senescence, the mice were more coordinated than their non-dosed counterparts.
But they'll agree that globalization is the chief process driving our age.
On the other side, heat and vivacity in age is an excellent composition for business.
It was a special age of the insanity of witch-trials and witch-hangings.
Obliteration of the sutures of the vault of the skull takes place as age advances.
By a former age commissioned as apostles to our own.
Much of the book is the comedy of the age translated into a light-fingered prose.
We all do tend to fatten up with age, although there are interesting differences based on age and gender.
As recollections age, different brain areas take charge of the upkeep.
The fossil fuel age will end, but few agree on when.
New studies show how such mental maps blur with age and readily extend to accommodate bionic limbs.
They compared the age of onset for psychosis between these groups.
Males, in contrast, kept learning them until around seven months of age.
After all it is an apparently age-old method of establishing status.
The research team had previously followed kids from birth through age five.
The current study looked again at the children at age six.
The children were tested five times at regular intervals from infancy through preschool age.
Although age did not seem to be a factor in this survey, other studies have shown that insomnia increases with age.
From the age of five to the age of thirty, humans go through some amazing changes.
These studies blamed the extinctions on climate change-including the last ice age-instead.
Yet existing capital stock isn't even being replaced quickly enough to prevent its average age from increasing.
Extending and strengthening copyrights, they claim, will help a handful of big corporations crush creativity in the digital age.
Greeks can no longer afford such a comfortable old age.
That's not only because life-expectancy has increased, but because the retirement age has fallen.
She hints that more stress should be placed at this tender age on language and social skills than on reading and writing.
Mice given the drug every three days from birth suffered far less age-related body-wasting than those which were not.
But many governments are worried that their citizens are not putting enough aside for old age.
What a sad portrait of parenting in this particular technological age.
Newspapers honed their policies in the print age, when appending a correction was the best feasible option.
Time-capsule message from the dawn of the computer age.
In the digital age, with its overabundance of information, the modern newsweekly is in a particularly poignant position.
Essays and interviews exploring art and ideas in the digital age.
The legendary songwriter premieres a plainspoken meditation on age.
Parents need to be certain they are serving their children age-appropriate portions of food.
Until recently, that kidney would not have been eligible for use in a transplant, because of the age of the deceased donor.
Thus, they can put any age they want on a credit application.
The age of the beans will determine how long it takes them to soften.
At a certain age you're supposed to be in the back room, rocking the grandchildren.
Selection is also limited by funding and available shelf space, and often is age- and time-sensitive.
Everyone retires at age seventy, lives for ten more years, and dies promptly at eighty.
Plagued by poor health in his later years, he committed suicide at the age of sixty-four.
And now in the digital age of publishing, the camera is perceived by some as a violation of privacy and even a potential threat.
With the zeal of one who reviles an age-old wrong, he raised painting above poetry.
He followed the teacher's advice and dropped out of school at the age of fifteen.
Describes how age and materials affect the sound of the guitar.
Researchers boost growth of muscle stem cells to stop age-related muscle deterioration.
Lithography, the ability to print patterns onto certain materials using light, is one of the enabling technologies of our age.
As people age, they lose the ability to hear in the higher frequencies.
There is no easy way to police the age of people who visit websites and minors can gain access easily.
In humans, growth-hormone levels decline with age, and artificial growth hormone has been touted as an anti-aging drug.
New capacitors can avoid age-limited liquid electrolytes.
For its tender age, the division has outsized ambitions.
Controlling inflammation could be the key to a healthy old age.
In the future we'll live in the age of ubiquitous utility.
Bars may form when galaxies collide, and they might be an indication of a galaxy reaching middle age.
There will, quite simply, cease to be a portion of the population that is frail and infirm as a result of age.
Those of us alive today are on the cusp of a new age.
So you give your specific age or income, instead of selecting from a category.
Two advances usher the age of the invisible within sight.
Hemophilia has nothing to do with the age of one parent at the time of te conception.

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