agate in a sentence

Example sentences for agate

These are beautifully decorated, with white marble lattice and marble mosaics studded with green jade, lapis lazuli and agate.
Every color imaginable seems to be represented in the shiny agate logs.
Agate searching along the rocky beaches can provide a memorable souvenir.
Well, a quick check in the agate of a the local tabloids will tell you exactly why.
Nothing that fits neatly on a stat sheet or in agate type.
Agate's rich prairie environment provides year round homes for many species of mammals and seasonal hunting grounds for others.
Agate now argues that forty-eight hours is not so out of time as to warrant the overruling of its objection.

Famous quotes containing the word agate

The sea-violet fragile as agate, lies fronting all the wind.... more
O heart, small urn of porphyry, agate or cornelian, how imperceptibly the grain fell between a heart-beat o... more
A wholly materialistic city is nothing but a dream incarnate. Venice is the world's unconscious, a miser's glittering ho... more
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