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During the past twelve months many major currencies have risen against the dollar.
They are held against their will and forced to work without pay.
The antibody binding site, tucked away in a stable region of the virus, might form the first lasting vaccine against flu.
Of course, this whole thing has been a race against time.
Hand pulling or hoeing is your first line of defense against weeds, especially annual and biennial kinds.
And attempts to use private security-backed militias as proxies against pirates haven't produced much results, either.
Most major currencies have weakened against the dollar since the end of last year.
The toads make the toxins to protect themselves against predators, which learn not to eat the deadly amphibians.
These all against us, and the job on our hands is too large for us.
Learn how to grow it against a wall or up an arbor.
The more a drug is used, the faster resistance against it develops.
Researchers are also working on an apple that could vaccinate children against a virus that is the leading cause of pneumonia.
Furthermore, our legal advisors strongly advised against the idea of intentionally poisoning horns.
Push against the wall as you screw in the eyehooks, first by hand and then using a screwdriver for more leverage.
Here, brightly colored ceramics are showcased against the sandblasted wall.
Setting a cluster of color against a simple background will enhance the mood.
Some of the ways bacteria protect themselves from antibiotics might be used against them to strengthen existing drugs.
Jerry wanted a tree with a light-colored trunk so it would stand out against a dark brown fence that surrounds the planting area.
Use for bold effects against walls, at back of wide flower borders, on slopes.
Good against background of evergreens, or for height and contrast above border of rhododendrons and azaleas.
Of all the flavors, the lemon really stands out against the honey.
Can be sheared as a low hedge, grown as a pot plant for indoor use, or trained against a fence or espalier.
Magnificent in large borders against background of dark green foliage, wall, or solid fence.
Plant shrub roses among perennials, climbing types over arbors and against fences or walls.
Or display them individually with a name card propped against each one for seating at spring parties.
The table is made from the same flagstone as the slender serving counter tucked against the wall.
Ultra-blue hydrangeas look good against the chartreuse cottage.
Whatever your garden's size or style, good plant health is your first line of defense against potential problems of any kind.
And its delicate tracery of leaves and flowers is especially effective against a backdrop of dark green foliage.
Starting at the bottom, pound handfuls against the mold with a round rock.
Locate plants against a dark background to show off flowers, form, fall color.
News about war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity.
Everything about him was against his being a powerful speaker.
Maybe it's the stark beauty of snowcapped granite towering against a slate gray sky.
It's humbling to pit your wits against these junior geographic geniuses.
Again, he must act against his nature and learn patience before inserting damp garments into the cylinder.
Foliage is malodorous when brushed against or bruised.
Vaccines have accomplished near miracles in the fight against infectious disease.
The collection of this tax would be simple and far easier to control against fraud and evasion.
He would recognize the cost of his abuses against nature, and he would finally begin to try to make amends.
Effective against background of dark green shrubs or at end of pool where graceful form can be displayed.
Infamous preservative may help defend against bacteria.
Researchers have developed a potent weapon against the paralyzing disease botulism.
No one welcomes a serious infection, but in some cases it can help to protect you against tumors.
But for others, held there against their will, it was a prison.
Guarding against unsafe drugs means major changes.
Contrast wild nature and clean, smooth architectural furniture against a crusty stone wall for richness.
Many organisms produce their own antibiotics to protect themselves against disease-causing microbes.
Tech companies handcuff our files to protect against digital pirates.
It entertains by celebrating cultural traditions against a scrupulous investigation of their historical sources.
See what common crimes against the planet one household is committing.
Moreover, he had no apparent reason to rage against the establishment.
Patchwork receptors target immune cells against cancer.
Large, bright canary yellow blooms stand out against lush, dark green foliage on this vigorous plant.
Crooked branches and dark, red-tinged bark make dramatic picture against winter sky.
The show is best at dusk and at night, when the glow of fume clouds contrasts against dark sky and sea.
The secret is to press the drill firmly against the screw as you pull the start trigger on the drill.
Choose a site where it can be shown off against dark background or sky.
Clean leaves from gutters, and remove woody vegetation growing against structures.
In the colder part of its range, trees planted near south walls or trained against them benefit from reflected heat.
Employers are acting against their own interests if they pursue such categorical exclusions.
Both patients could tell the difference between different grades of sandpaper rubbed against their skin.
Yet it's unclear whether this vaccine will work against a more virulent strain of avian influenza.
Spoon batter into pan and rap pan against work surface once or twice to eliminate air bubbles.
And it looks great, too-the green of the scallions contrasts nicely against the pink flesh of the fish.
Fold overhang under and press against rim of pie plate, then crimp decoratively.
Add to that a backlash against fast food and industrialized farming, and the bistro emerged reborn.
Tilt mold sideways and tap side of mold against a work surface, turning it, to evenly break seal and loosen cranberry sauce.
Such is not the case, and this department embarks upon the venture against the best advice of almost everyone.
Spread batter evenly in pan and rap against counter to release any air bubbles.
To eat the garlic, crush a clove lightly against the roof of your mouth.
Local honey, she adds, has been shown in some studies to help strengthen the immune system against seasonal allergies.
Rap pan against counter a few times to release any air bubbles.
The play of acid against richness is totally addictive.
Stand zucchini and peppers in pot, leaning them against each another and wedging pepper tops among them to keep them upright.
They also believed that nations that trade with each other are less likely to go to war against each other.
The impulse to pit one orchestra against another is as regrettable as it is irresistible.
The songs set small, compact melodies against a steady hip-hop beat, and everyone played simultaneously and continuously.
Garlic has been regarded as an effective prophylactic against vampires.
The best defense against this anti-science offensive is to make sure that the correct message reaches a wide audience.
On a cosmic scale, this idea could help explain how life arose in the universe against tremendous odds.
Bacteria that have evolved defenses against antibiotics are something of a disaster waiting to happen.
Flies drink alcohol to medicate themselves against wasp infections.
T lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell, serve as a frontline defense against invading bacteria and viruses.
Those who do develop symptoms are responding to the body's own defense against the virus.
Most of the diseases that vaccines protect against have largely been licked.
Dermatologists say that sunscreens are among our best weapons against such cancers.
The trout treated with acid rubbed their mouths against the bottom and sides of the tank.
By definition, plankton are waterborne animals or plants that cannot swim against an ambient current.
The goal is not to find rat vaccines against addictive substances but to find realistic treatments for humans.
Cerebrospinal fluid is a clear, colorless liquid that buffers the brain and keeps it from banging against the inside of the skull.
In different words, you are either with us or against us.
Today a similar argument is made against tackling global warming.
Protest against the boom has slowed up the development of the supersonic transport.
Insurance against the risks of litigation following the use of whooping cough vaccine is unobtainable.
The crimes committed against children by other priests and bishops may provoke rage, but they also make one want to look away.

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