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Example sentences for again

First, consider the possibility that you might fail again.
Also, take out all the proper nouns, and read the article again.
Carefully note what they do when they reach the ground again after crossing the obstruction.
Thus again strictly limiting any epiphenomenal dualism allowed in this metaphysic.
Several attempts have been made to link the world again through a global language.
Instead, they will revert to their natural inclination and commence fall bloom once again.
After three fairly dismal years, the window is again open for initial public offerings of technology stocks.
It is uncertain how soon or how fast the oil will start gurgling again.
There they will be free to roam again for another year.
Rinse well under cold running water until cool, then drain again.
The world thought it might never see such scenes again.
It's too harsh to put yourself through over and over again.
Thousands pour into the streets as their city shakes again.
As a result, they were banned from ever flying in space again.
The cylindrical leaves turn red in fall and winter, green up again in spring.
The return of big government means that policymakers must grapple again with some basic questions.
Summer has come to an end, and school is starting again.
One could say that they're advancing to become water again.
It became obvious to us how these small, lovely examples can become replicated over and over again.
These plants shrivel from serious drought but plump up again with watering or rainfall.
But it is destined to repeat its violent past and destroy itself again.
Again laughter ensues and you feel much better for the experience.
With reasonable care, they'll bloom again next winter and for years to come.
The island erodes and the crust beneath it cools, shrinks and sinks, and the island is again submerged.
Water once and do not water again until a green shoot appears.
If you thought your days of naming animals were over, think again.
If it becomes sticky as you work, return it to the refrigerator to firm up again.
We thank you again for your participation and anticipate a great day for all.
Apply it to foods, then rinse them again with cool water.
Decades of observation and study later, no one doubts that the caldera will erupt again.
For lush plants, fertilize once before spring growth begins, again after flowering.
Leaves are divided into fives, then cut again into ferny subdivisions add to my plant list.
When the prosecution tried him a second time, the jury deadlocked again.
Apply a complete fertilizer when the first pods set, again when plants are shoulder high.
Again the goal was to traverse the continent from east to west.
Then, after a week or two, you can go back and pick from that stem again.
Water thoroughly before applying any kind of fertilizer and water again afterward if using a granular type.
Look for them in the market in early summer and then again in late summer to early fall.
The practices of mapping have again become a key cultural moment.
Once fertile areas of the planet become desert, never to be green again within our lifetimes.
In the meantime, don't ever call or contact me again.
The difficulty of trying to stop it happening ever again.
Then it pushes you right back in to all of those things again.
The room widens almost imperceptibly, then narrows again as the adobe walls converge on either side of the altar.
Follow a turtle on her journey from her nest to the open ocean, and back again.
One student in particular comes in again and again with ridiculous questions.
Think the temperature will be about one billion degrees again today.
If the pumping is stopped, the caves will again be submerged, and the crystals will start growing again.
No one seemed to know who had survived, however, and some questioned whether any had seen daylight again.
The pharmaceutical folks have to head back to the lab to find a new killer antibiotic and the whole thing starts over again.
We won't be hearing from them again until the spring.
The myth about problem drinkers being able to drink again was legitimate, but improperly justified.
The next day he took his two sons to the barn with him, and again the crows flew off.
Students who expected to hear it again consistently found it more irritating.
They pop up again when you release two toggle-and-loop closures.
It's so good you'll never bake a meat loaf in the oven again.
As a last resort, cut the entire vine to the ground in late winter or early spring and start training it all over again.
Fertilize when growing season begins and again in early summer.
Suddenly, who would have guessed it, they look fresh and new again.
For best show of larger-flowered types, pinch again by removing all but terminal flower buds on side shoots.
In cold climates, plants will die off in winter but can be planted again in spring.
Dig before warmer temperatures start them growing again.
Where winters are warmer and the growing season correspondingly longer, apply fertilizer again in late summer.
Sometimes all you have to do is change your perspective and a familiar material looks new again.
Outdoor living is gravitating from private retreat to shared property, so we're getting to know our neighbors again.
Spooning the pan drippings over the chicken as it roasted made the skin less crisp and, again, added nothing to the meat flavor.
It's called heli-hiking, and once you try it, you'll never hoof it uphill for a view again.
Do that once when ornaments are in place and you'll never miss a watering again.
Plastic siphoning, again combined with the funnel, works even better than a baster.
As the liquid levels replenish-perhaps between gulps-the plug once again stops the hidden reservoir.
It's still online-we're getting ready to play again in the spring.
Do spotlight him again when he has some beautiful feathers.
It took several years after the fall of the regime for the soulful music to again rise in the esteem of its countrymen.
Once she obtained permission to take pictures, she might spend hours, even days shooting her subjects again and again and again.
Water resource officials say some of the reservoirs fed by the river will never be full again.
But several clever experiments have tested people's memory immediately after a tragedy and again several months or years later.
He promised that he would never again buy food without consulting her and was spared from having to eat the dirt-covered pastries.
Then again, it might have to buy extra allowances on the open market.
Monkeys suffer the same fate only rarely, but then again they can't sing or dance.
For half an hour they sit quietly and watch the party, then rise for their first dance, again surrounded by candles.
Then again, she's not too fond of eating organ meat.
Perhaps you should read it again, because you have clearly failed to understand the principle behind it.
After one month it happened again, then it was happening once a week, then daily.
Once it nears the surface again, it can flap its tail and taxi without fully returning to the water.
Have students watch the video again, this time reflecting on the seven characteristics of ritual described above.
Neither the planes nor the crew were ever seen again.
About that same proportion said they would do something different if they could start college over again.
After being rescued by governments, bank profitability is struggling once again, without a debt-fuelled boom to support it.
Missing the entire point of shooting for the moon again.
After that, the two researchers will be able to look at how these populations evolve yet again as the environment is cleaned up.
The monkeys picked out red and green, again and again.
But before they drove away, they were told they'd be contacted again.
Again, this is a question for the minute exegesis of each author in each case.
If he hasn't received appropriate acknowledgement, he might send it again.
Thanks once again for those of you who responded to my posting.
If they seem inadequate, you are in a better position than you may ever be again to negotiate for those resources.
Let stand until cold, again screw covers, being sure this time that jars are air-tight.
If you want me again, look for me under your boot-soles.
After a fruitless search for the others he came home, to return again to the search.
Trying again: stratospheric airships for communications.
Hundreds of million years were available, and potentially highly intelligent species may have developed again and again.
While you're at it, don't ever see a doctor or take medicine again, and don't let your family either.
The current study looked again at the children at age six.
Half of the subjects viewed the images in the morning and again in the evening of the same day.
If you turn off the car and let it cool eventually you can start driving again.
If many more wide spread home units were used, they would average out, thus again no storage needed.
One could also imagine producing, again perhaps unwittingly, viruses that are immune to existing vaccines.
Meanwhile, the drum skin moves down and back up again, resulting in another compression.
The astronauts successfully operated the system again three hours later after it cooled down.
And they often captured water fleas only to spit them out again.
It is now and again perplexing to simply possibly be handing out key points that many others might have been making money from.
Back to the drafting table: under revamped plans, a refurbished sign will glow again from atop the remodeled refinery.
Words could once again flow from his mind to the page.
Again: she has had more experience considering and thinking about foreign policy issues than he has.
No one who worked for him ever again escaped the feeling that he was there looking over one's shoulder.
It's that time of year again, when the sweet scent of mangoes fills the air.
Their songs return again and again to a specific brand of immobility-the unchanging face that conceals a roiling heart.
Restart the program before attempting to use it again.
Researchers are again using mind-bending drugs as a means of treating mental disorders.
Six iconoclasts who could revolutionize physics-again.
These can be scratched only by repeating the tune again and again.
The option is under exploration once again in the face of continuing shortages.
If it could happen once, it could-and indeed should-happen again and again for eternity.
But again, they have not improved care, and-since surgery is never without risk-have arguably worsened it.
When a memory is formed it is consolidated, but each time it's retrieved it becomes unstable again.
Then he took their levels again after a month of regular play.
If you think that physical appeal is strictly a matter of personal taste and cultural bias, think again.
Then the computer extends the shell another increment and starts again.
My suggestion to newspapers everywhere is to give the public a reason to read them again.
And maybe they'll learn how to bring a little quiet into their lives again.
It's not uncommon to see the same piece sold over and over again in a single year, rising in price at each sale.
That's okay when you can learn from your failures and start over-again and again.
Other factors, again fairly predictable ones, are price and comfort.
Suddenly, it seems that manufacturing is again in the news.
The team worked for five months, repeating the process again and again as they slowly plotted the course of the celestial bodies.
The digital speedometer, which had been reading zero despite the car's movement, is now working again.
But it's been difficult to design strong adhesives that can be lifted back up again.
And,copying the western way again wouldn't be innovative.
During discharge, the process is reversed, and the metal atoms become ions again.
Then all the probabilities make sense again and the laws of physics regain their power.
There are hundreds of thousands of possible products that can be made from it since it can be reprocessed again and again.
That's when she learned she may never again take another exam.
When a neuron fires, it cannot fire again until it has recharged, a time known as the refractory period.
Once again if one goes bad they all go out of service.
Every now and again, the gas giant captures a nearby object, which hangs around for a few years and then wanders off into space.
Run out of juice and it'll be several hours before you're mobile again, a particular showstopper for electric vehicles.
Removing the magnet allows the shutters to spring closed again.
If you drain a hydrogen tank, you simply fill it up again later.
These modulators encode light with data by converting the signal from light into electrons and back again.
One thing they have experienced time and time again is evolution's blind progress.
Again, it was fairly easy to correct the query and get the question answered.
It is once again fashionable in political theory, but its proponents have paid insufficient attention to their central concepts.
After the main match they will catch a train home again.
On the other hand again, there is an obvious limit to how far this can go.
But again the realities of prison life contradicted the reformers' hopes.
All of these points are well and good and worth hearing again.
And it really allows the criminal to strike again, making all of us less safe.
The effect depends on starting over, again and again, and on starting every time from a tangibly new place.
Its many would-be reformers are again pushing in opposite directions.
Once again, socialism has put a silver fork in itself.
To make your amaryllis bloom again, you simply have to mimic the conditions that nature provides.
But now many grandparents are called upon to meet it again with the next generation.

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