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In some parts of the world though, individual well-being is a priority, not an afterthought.
There is no sense of responsibility, no afterthought.
Never start forward and then try to find her as an afterthought.
So are the home and school environments as you point out and the article's author added as an afterthought.
It's not an afterthought, farmed out to subcontractors.
Precision is an afterthought, an inconsequential detail for those with an agenda.
Guacamole is practically an afterthought, hidden under thick, unsalted chips freshly fried in corn oil.
Sustaining the vision of a venerable little magazine will become an afterthought.
The authors conclude that the poker incident happened but that the line was strictly a wishful afterthought.
So far, the military has treated the civilian cabinet as an afterthought.
The key to getting such letters is to treat the process with forethought, not as an afterthought.
Treat publishing as a forethought, not an afterthought.
Undergraduate education is something of an afterthought to be tolerated.
As an afterthought, he mentioned he wanted to teach.
And then he added, almost as an afterthought, a comment about the one case of plagiarism that he had discovered.
They used to be ugly boxes added to roofs as an afterthought.
Politicians and policy experts talk as if climate change can be an afterthought in energy policy.
True space, deep space, lightly sprinkled with galaxies almost as an afterthought.
Vocal noisemaking came as something of an evolutionary afterthought.
Since this was an afterthought, he was barely able to fit it on the sheet.
Self-preservation is, and should be, an afterthought.
Despite this proven model, early detection is an afterthought in cancer research.
His pen name was thus chosen at random, as an afterthought, at the last minute before publication.
Suddenly comes another revelation from the past, spoken almost as an afterthought.
The content of an agreement, again, is largely an afterthought.
It was an afterthought, a receptacle born out of necessity.
Instead, they were raised almost as an afterthought.
In their rush to establish themselves, security is often an afterthought.
Almost as an afterthought, he mentioned that it might do something for the planet.
Cost control is often an afterthought, trailing far behind revenue generation.
The countryside dominates, and the city is an afterthought.
These pastimes often take center stage, while the finer points of cooking and dining come as an afterthought.
One week after his breakout game, the rookie was an offensive afterthought.
Lawmakers fattened their bank accounts through insider deals and even bribes, with the needs of ordinary people an afterthought.
Her character, at first central to the film, is by this point only an afterthought.
All too often, the officer election is an afterthought or an item left to do at the last minute.
Famous though it came to be, however, the well was never more than a kind of afterthought.
Continuity cannot be an afterthought for organizations as they strive to perform their essential functions.
In some cases, college work is only an afterthought for collegiate entrepreneurs.
We can no longer afford to treat the two modes as an afterthought or luxury.
But in some cases, such as decades-old ponds built with fishing as an afterthought, that is not possible.
There is a significant weather event that happens every winter but is usually an afterthought, high winds.
We want a way of doing business in this country that sees safety not as an afterthought, but as a critical, integral part of work.
Auto insurance needs to be a priority in your budget, not an afterthought.
Too often, the stress experienced by rescue workers is addressed as an afterthought.
Walking and bicycling should not be an afterthought in roadway design.
By meshing local processes with federal requirements, certification makes accessibility part of the process, not an afterthought.
Security can no longer be viewed as a standalone capability that can be purchased as an afterthought and then put in place.
Safety was more of an afterthought, limited by the knowledge and tools of the day.
Sealants work much better when applied during construction, rather than as an afterthought in conventional construction practices.
Their own personal dignity is not even an afterthought.

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