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Example sentences for aftertaste

Purists value sourwood honey for its distinctive flavor, floral with a deep, almost burnt-butter aftertaste.
The article gives a bitter bias aftertaste in that does not validate its arguments with facts.
Forceful, strident but with poor aftertaste and ultimately bad for the liver.
Smoke gave the cool air a faintly burned flavor, an aftertaste of ash.
The only really consistent effect of zinc lozenges reported by quality studies is a bitter, medicinal aftertaste.
It is made from bitters and herbs, and though it goes down relatively smooth, the aftertaste kicks and lingers.
Perhaps prone to a certain sense of wonder, leading to wanderlust with an idealistic aftertaste.
His films never create a mood, an internal weather, an aftertaste.
It's rarely used alone, since it packs a particularly bitter aftertaste.
It usually is tasteless, but may be recognized at times by a salty aftertaste.
The reindeer meat was cured, almost the same as prosciutto, with a slightly gamier aftertaste.
Most had a jamlike flavor, with a sugary, cooked-fruit aroma and a cough-syrup aftertaste.
It's a joke, but the joke has its lingering aftertaste.
If either film had a less winning opening, perhaps it wouldn't leave a vague aftertaste of disappointment.
Those movies, though exciting, could leave a sour aftertaste of cynicism in your mouth.
The cheese offers a balance of rich creaminess and salt with a slightly honeyed aftertaste.
Over all, these introductions leave a nicely nasty aftertaste.
Piperine is a pale yellow to yellow crystalline solid with a pungent odor and a burning aftertaste.
The picturesque old homeplace sits so high on the hill that it leaves one with the aftertaste of judgment in his or her mouth.
Golden hubbards-a smaller squash than the green or blue-are fairly sweet, but have a bitter aftertaste.
Disaster was averted and no damage was done, but the aftertaste remained.
Creamy, nutty flavors with intense nutty aftertaste.
It delivers a light fruity flavor with a pleasant and refreshing aftertaste.

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Once one has kissed a cadaver's forehead, there always remains something of it on the lips, an infinite bitterness, an <... more
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