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Example sentences for afternoons

Even on cloudless afternoons, perfect for haying, the dark nimbus of war hangs in the air.
Afternoons and evenings were meant for intimate meals and gatherings limited to no more than six guests, invited for a few days.
For years they spent their afternoons in conversation, thinking up deceptive scenarios and examining each other's decisions.
Let her have long afternoons with absolutely nothing to do.
Give her a whole summer of lazy mornings and dreamy afternoons.
As the weather warms, spending sunny afternoons in a stuffy art museum hurts.
Today's elite kids are likely to spend their afternoons and weekends shuttling from one skill-enhancing activity to the next.
In my mind there is a scene, distilled from many afternoons browsing these wonderful books amid the family routine.
Many malls are closed in the afternoons, or are empty because people usually slumber then.
Carrie got her boys together two afternoons a week and instructed them.
Join us for some afternoons of fun and games for seniors only.
Will be working late afternoons and evenings during the week.

Famous quotes containing the word afternoons

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