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Example sentences for afternoon

And you'll be happy to know that it's cloudy this afternoon with the odd spit of rain.
The short nappers did not get any worse in their afternoon test sessions.
Many photographers favor the warm tones and directional qualities of late afternoon and early morning light.
Another found that blood pressure decreased during an afternoon siesta.
In hot climates, give them a location receiving afternoon shade.
The secret of teaching is to appear to have known all your life what you learned this afternoon fiona.
Many companies try to limit that by blocking outgoing e-mails for several hours in the morning and afternoon.
One afternoon a villager took me ptarmigan hunting in the empty mountains around the town.
Dahlias appreciate light afternoon shade in hot summer areas.
There was nothing eventful about my workout in the gym that afternoon.
On this particular afternoon only a handful of people are working together.
Blossoms that open before dawn one morning fall by late afternoon.
It prefers sun but needs some afternoon shade in the warmest regions.
Later in the afternoon thousands and thousands of them would start flying.
We began picking our way up the rippling sandstone escarpment, now turning red in the afternoon sun.
Some types display their blossoms during the day, others open in late afternoon and close the following morning.
In the desert, needs afternoon shade add to my plant list.
Plan to get to your destinations in time to enjoy the dramatic light of morning or late afternoon.
She goes out every afternoon and spies on different people.
Colored leaf varieties need a half day of direct sun for best color but can burn in afternoon sun in hot-summer areas.
He offered the details during an afternoon phone call with reporters.
Light afternoon sun is also acceptable and preferable in the desert.
Put the books outside on a table, open, and flip through the pages every now and then over the course of an afternoon.
In the desert, grow plants in filtered light, out of direct afternoon sun.
In the desert or hot interiors, protect plants from afternoon sun.
In hot climates, choose a spot shaded from afternoon sun.
Go for a picnic or spend a lazy afternoon at one of these cool spots.
In desert areas plant where there is protection from afternoon sun and strong winds.
Down at the baths, the quiet morning has turned to festive afternoon.
The afternoon timing encourages visitors to arrive by boat.
If summer heat is intense, find a spot that receives filtered sunlight during the hottest afternoon hours.
He was thinking of that afternoon and how it had affected his whole life when a spirit of protest awoke in him.
All the stories of ghosts and goblins that he had heard in the afternoon, now came crowding upon his recollection.
The afternoon papers had forecasts of the next day's proceedings in flaring headlines.
He was at the examination of a case of puerperal fever at two o'clock in the afternoon.
From our research there are behavioral sets or profiles that indicate they work better in the afternoon.
Other results presented at the meeting suggest that the best type of cookie to eat during afternoon tea might be gingerbread.
Each volunteer twice took an afternoon nap in a dark room on a custom-made bed that could rock.
Big band in the afternoon, and opera in the evening.
It is totally cool to see them flying around, riding the thermals on a warm afternoon.
It didn't stick, but it was a snowy afternoon with more forecast for tomorrow.
Walk into your local bookstore this afternoon and chances are the manga section is bigger than the science fiction collection.
Even with frequent breaks to goof off, they're finished by five in the afternoon.
Lots of people were out enjoying a warm spring afternoon.
The walls glint gold in the late afternoon, as waves or particles of light scatter off the ancient bricks.
Firefighters continued to douse the smoldering pile of wreckage in the late afternoon while investigators took photos of the site.
As the afternoon fades into evening, the thunderstorms begin their displays of vivid lighting and heavy rain.
It's mid-afternoon you're tired, cranky, and a little stressed.
The afternoon tea of to-day bears little resemblance to the afternoon tea of some ten years ago.
Television stations are bracing for an afternoon ratings slump without her.
The angle of the sun makes the world of summer another way entirely: smeared across the afternoon, vibrating.
No longer do you have to travel abroad to spend a lazy afternoon at a beer garden.
Throughout the afternoon, some of the adults who were showing up wandered over to examine the monstrosity.
We'll have more from the ground starting tomorrow afternoon.
They wish me a good afternoon, and imagine they have lightened my solitary state.
At four in the afternoon the order came to free them.
They occur more often in late afternoon, when thunderstorms are common, and are more prevalent in spring and summer.
The diving wouldn't begin until the afternoon, but already the day's festivities were starting.
Bingham set up his tripod and camera that day and spent the afternoon photographing.
These animals forage in the cooler temps of morning and afternoon to avoid exerting themselves in the debilitating midday heat.
People spend the afternoon building bonfires that burn throughout the night to welcome in the summer.
Later in the afternoon the firefighters stand around admiring their work.
On the final afternoon, the foreigners traveled in a five-car motorcade, visiting potential event sites across the city.
We get fine, clear mornings, and sometimes rain in the afternoon.
And there are really, really good cream puffs at afternoon tea.
Each day he and his colleagues provided the bacteria with a little glucose, which was gobbled up by the afternoon.
Extending this idea into late afternoon produces an even redder-looking sun.
Tells about a winter afternoon when the grandfather made a soup of lard and soy sauce for the author and her sister.
Theo went ahead with beach trials the following afternoon.
By late afternoon, half his face was showing signs of injury.
In the late afternoon, after a day at his desk, he often takes a seat at a café in the town shopping mall.
He was planning on going to art galleries and buying good paintings that afternoon.
The plan was for her to babysit in the afternoon, then come home to start sewing her graduation dress.
We got word about three in the afternoon or so, or four in the afternoon.
Following a late-afternoon firefight, they can easily be home for dinner.
From four in the afternoon to seven in the morning, he typed his inventions into his laptop.
Target usually didn't return home until four in the afternoon.
But there are no soothing preliminaries this afternoon.

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