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Criminal law changed surprisingly little after the attacks.
Migration after the global economic crisis is different, but still continuing.
See photos before and after the transformation here.
After starting my day with a fully-charged phone, my battery was dead before the end of the workday.
After a fee is paid, there is a cursory visual inspection and certification is granted.
Salmon enjoyed a brief rebound after buyouts of commercial fisheries and the introduction of aquaculture.
Paintball is fun, except for the painful bruises that remind you of that fun a week after the fact.
Think of it this way: there may be worse things in life than the first days back at work after vacation.
Contrary to conventional wisdom, heart muscle cells do regenerate after heart attacks, researchers have found.
After each extinction, a rich variety of ammonoid species and body plans was replaced by a few free-floating types.
More than nine months after the country's devastating earthquake, a cholera epidemic has sickened thousands.
After examining the patient, the doctors concurred that it was not possible to remove the bullet.
Be sure that you remain professionally active, even after the tenure denial.
Bacteria can change into more infectious and deadly organisms after a stint in space, a new experiment suggests.
After the image appears in your browser, click the right-hand button on your mouse.
Darrow named his games' properties after the city's streets.
The brain may not learn from its mistakes after all.
After a long struggle, the bottom of the stream was perfectly smooth.
But a few weeks after taking their first dose, nearly all of them began to recover.
More than an hour after sunset a veil of glowing clouds appears low in the northern sky.
After natural disasters, an anxious public wants to see that someone understands the catastrophe.
Most people say they wash their hands after using the bathroom.
Tournament play after a long layoff is not easy, even for elite players.
After a medical error, hospitals often prevent doctors from talking to patient families.
After a decade of record growth, enrollment appears to be slowing down at many of the nation's community colleges.
The bishops do not look after their flocks, but strive after worldly honours and promotion by every means.
After addressing and posting it a second time it was again returned to him, this time without a stamp.
It's not simply because they need to find greener pastures after eating everything in sight.
He didn't see combat, but aviation continued to fascinate him after he returned to college.
It was after midnight, and dark and still inside the farmhouse.
Other investors were looking for cues to sell after the long rally in markets since the spring.
One year after the invasion it remains too soon to say.
Fantasy worlds, after all, are reflections of our own.
It has the enchantment of a bank after hours, of a honeycomb emptied of honey and flooded with a soft glow.
Whoever ends up owning it all, after the foreclosures and the workouts are done, holds out for the big payday.
It looks as if yet another venerable public work is going to be renamed after a politician.
After eons of sputtering research, the science of fire goes into orbit.
Doctors long believed that patients who remained in a coma weeks or more after a brain injury would never regain consciousness.
After extensive rehabilitation, her youthful vitality returned.
Not everyone develops symptoms after infection, however.
After failing in several attempts, the team succeeded using a technique developed for gene therapy.
Three months later, he came to see me after his physical rehabilitation.
After you try this refreshing summer cooler you'll ask yourself the same thing.
There was always a big pot of it in the refrigerator, and a generous spoonful was a favorite after-school snack.
After a few weeks, the eggs still tasted gloriously fresh.
The first morning after running out, he asked for it repeatedly, and the same thing happened the next day.
To sit and linger after a good meal, with a cup of coffee and a beautiful dessert, is one of life's small pleasures.
After that, these are rolled in a paprika-seasoned flour-and-cornmeal coating and deep-fried.
It must have been particularly dull to have escaped observation before and after its close approach.
The cellulases are released only after the plant is harvested, during processing.
One of the great challenges in neuroscience has been learning how to coax nerves to regenerate after injuries.
After years of controversy, a therapy based on human embryonic stem cells is finally being tested in humans.
After that, if the mice are returned to the chamber they remember the bad experience and freeze in place instead of exploring.
Several weeks after the injection, tumors in about half of the patients seemed to stop growing, and shrunk in one patient.
After several years of development, swallowable wireless sensors are now ready to begin monitoring the human body.
He got a call the next morning after the theft was discovered.
After work she needs to go home and go to bed, something for which her concerned parents are extraordinarily grateful.
After months of living in the hotel, she was clearly restless.
Wit, after all, is the unfailing symptom of intelligence.
Several scenes expose the deplorable physical condition of the building, which is falling apart after little more than a decade.
His urge to describe his epic journey more than forty years after its end was a deeply natural one.
The first books about pirates appeared surprisingly soon after the piracy they described.

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