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When the electrical harnesses came to be fitted in the forward and aft fuselage sections, many didn't connect with each other.
Its reflection created a path of light on the calm waters that led to the aft working deck.
Fire broke out at the aft end of the flight deck as the ship was preparing to launch the second strike of the day.
Water cannons bristle off the bow and the aft helicopter deck.
The bulge at the aft end of the fuselage can be seen in the pictures.
The instrument cluster slides fore and aft to accommodate a range of driver-seat positions.
One by one, the crew drops through hatches fore and aft.
And when the three-chimed whistle on the aft end of the third stack blew, he put his hands over his ears.
The chop in the water causes the boat to pitch fore and aft.
It was war in which one hand rarely knew what the other was doing and carefully planned offensives ganged aft agley.
The images being studied by investigators so far have not revealed the aft section of the plane.
Its cargo was stacked high on its aft deck and under tarps.
On the floor of the aft cabin is a thin foam sleeping pad.
With the cruiser steaming along, the pilot put us smoothly down on the aft deck.
One of these designs has a pair of jet engines mounted aft, but positioned over and above the wing.
One tips the crab side to side with the center legs while the other two control the fore and aft legs.
The searchlight beam is faintly visible pointing aft from atop her pilothouse.
Flippers fore and aft, shoulders and hips, and proportions of neck and torso were built the same way.
Toward the aft end, the skin transitions to paper normally used for making milk cartons.

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