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Example sentences for aforementioned

Whatever else you order, you must start with the aforementioned empanadas.
But anyone who applies the aforementioned naming/nickname approach to a cat will get a response.
The trail, formerly wide enough to accommodate cars, now ended abruptly in the aforementioned sheer drop.
Baker could be talking about any of the aforementioned young sluggers when he describes how Bruce is still learning.
This mistake may be attributable to the aforementioned shift toward perceiving notes sharper than they actually are.
The camera may be any size, provided the aforementioned requirements are met.
Some accepted, drawn to the pro race's exclusivity and aforementioned perks.
And there's also a fee for "additional text messaging," despite the aforementioned unlimited messaging on both lines.
The graphs in the aforementioned articles about this project are incredible.
You might say that, given the aforementioned, I would agree with the hypothesis of the author.
Signed, someone who left a science career for many aforementioned reasons.
Another thing, everyone pays for tap water for the aforementioned reasons.
The aforementioned dog, whose former owners want him back, is a corgi.
All the aforementioned supposedly committed suicide in prison.
As an example of the latter, he cites aforementioned leaf blower.
While the conclusion is reasonably surprising, it cannot compensate for the aforementioned slowness of the picture.
It contains the aforementioned birds, as well as some blood.
It includes the aforementioned rites and artifacts, as well a fair share of impolite language.
We are particularly interested in candidates familiar with contemporary techniques and applied skills in the aforementioned areas.
The aforementioned blonde is about to defend her dissertation.
And obviously none of these aforementioned situations benefit students.
These tools enable me to keep in touch with the aforementioned friends, family, and colleagues.
Of course, the aforementioned cloud services help them both out considerably.
The superstar that will really make waves in conservation isn't any of the aforementioned lovable cuddly ocean dwellers.
Further, by the appropriate filtering of water, the aforementioned is significantly enhanced.
In the aforementioned configuration, it is about impossible to tip the wheel from it's rotating plane.
Philosophers have long recognized the aforementioned.
Let's look at the car without the scoffing, aforementioned usage, but examine from another angle.
The aforementioned examples are all the result of cascading failures that progress over years in many cases.
The same long working hours for health care providers should be banned by law because of the aforementioned.
Not over-glorified servants to an elite that rather have no work and all play at the expense of aforementioned servants.
My aforementioned suggestion that derivatives be treated as insurance and subject to capital ratios and reserving requirements.
Adding to the woes is that the world's stock market values are apt to collapse as a result of all the aforementioned.
The only situation in which these countries can be made to reform is with the aforementioned thumbscrews.
Of course it was an illegal act in all of the aforementioned cases.
Employees at top companies won't logically change their employer for the aforementioned reasons.
Most often, one of the aforementioned areas suffers.
Account for the aforementioned demographic changes, however, and the picture gets slightly better for the president.
The left argues by marginalizing their ideological opponents using aforementioned techniques.
Science was more than willing to tell us they had no proof the aforementioned examples would harm us.
They may never prove evolution wrong, but they will certainly prove the aforementioned tenant right.
The aforementioned diving offer is also good on this tour.
In addition to the aforementioned stingrays, the waters around the caymans are rich with sea life.
All of the aforementioned backups have had key starting roles throughout the past couple seasons.
If you choose to use melatonin, you should do so only in addition to one or more of the aforementioned methods.
All aforementioned campgrounds have seasonal outdoor swimming pools.
The main caveat to the aforementioned advice concerns award tickets.
Also, aforementioned hammer is virtually indestructible.
None of the aforementioned ads, it should be noted, are particularly convincing at selling their respective products.
Organizations that receive operating support also must provide the aforementioned credit.
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