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We need more people today to keep labor costs down and pensions afloat, and we'll figure out how to feed them later.
The district, a little island of everywhere afloat in a thousand-year-old city, ends a few blocks away.
Even if you use heavy-duty aluminum foil, the surface tension of water will go a long way towards keeping the foil boats afloat.
He stood for a while, afloat in the dwindling stream of commuters flowing from the subway.
Lots of printed poetry magazines have only a few hundred subscribers and can barely stay afloat.
One might even say that the administrators have found a successful strategy to keep it afloat.
That, in turn, is important because such sources of revenue are all that's keeping state universities afloat.
Ten or so survivors get around the boat and clutch at its sides in an attempt to stay afloat.
The challenge for anyone in show business is keeping a career afloat after the public's attention has moved elsewhere.
Look under a chunk of plastic afloat in the ocean and you're likely to spot a fish or two.
Excess energy is stored in batteries to keep it afloat even on overcast days.
But surface tension is too weak to support larger objects, which is why it's been a mystery how ant rafts could stay afloat.
At all meals, the freshly baked artisan breads are among the best afloat.
His persistence and the loyalty of one steady customer kept the company afloat.
But it is certain that efforts to keep their struggling rivals afloat are hurting them.
The kindle and the nook have been able to stay afloat mostly because they cater to a completely different demographic: readers.
The downturn has battered many start-ups, forcing their backers to pump in more cash to keep them afloat.
Chaebol bosses give even their dimmest children subsidiaries to run, and often buy their products to keep them afloat.
The state whaling company is kept afloat with cheap loans and subsidies.
To stay afloat, they need to drive down costs without crippling their core business.
Instead, it demands specific features from each of them, and tries to keep them all afloat.
Rather than keeping their economies afloat, it helped to sink them.
To stay afloat, some survivors clung to mattresses and fridges that had fallen from the ship.
With a career afloat you can work in many exciting jobs and locations.

Famous quotes containing the word afloat

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