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Example sentences for afield

Last summer wheat was growing a kickoff distance afield of my door.
As the population expands, the animals tend to wander farther afield.
It's one of the fastest games afield, and it's not for the faint of heart.
Humans have been weaving commercial and cultural connections since before the first camel caravan ventured afield.
But its real significance, some would say, lies slightly afield.
As he got older, he wandered farther afield, on foot or by bike.
But you have to go pretty far afield to find something people would call abnormal these days.
Consumers want their customary sort, not an unfamiliar rice from far afield.
But look further afield and the affinity between open politics and open markets seems clear.
But to compete on the world stage they must also attract talent from farther afield.
Conflicting reports of how much radiation was spreading farther afield were enough to cause panic.
Even drugs aren't so far afield when one sees them in business-process terms: high-volume manufacturing with low defect rates.
They have also had an impact farther afield, in areas from art to politics.
Radiation has been detected further afield than this, but at low levels.
Lastly, before you go afield be sure to pack a few things that will make deer tracking easier.

Famous quotes containing the word afield

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