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Example sentences for aficionado

Renee was a symphony devotee, art aficionado and collector, and a caring and devoted housewife.
It would make a fine humorous stocking-filler for the jokier design aficionado.
Ervin was a cigar aficionado and had a vast collection of the world's finest cigars.
Surely some enterprising design aficionado already has fantasies about feathering his breakfast nook.
And to appreciate this, you don't even have to be an aficionado of escargots.
Malone has located his headquarters in a mundane office park unlikely to catch the eye of any architecture aficionado.
The trouble, as any horror buff or late-show aficionado well knows, is pod people.
As any self-respecting ink aficionado knows, every tattoo tells a story.
For the wildflower aficionado, the park offers nearly a thousand species.
For the art aficionado, choose from wildlife-themed prints.
For the dragonfly aficionado, the lake supports a high diversity of species during the summer months.

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To the average (and you will look long and hard before finding anyone so aptly described) CB aficionado his... more
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