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It also affords a virtual glimpse of antiquities stolen from the museum collection.
Winter affords opportunities for backcountry camping, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing.
In some circles, that affords a presumption of expertise.
In some circles that affords a presumption of expertise.
If a new opportunity affords me the time to consult and teach on the side, even better.
The job security is far higher than the typical career affords.
Your policy of keeping faculty perpetually vulnerable trumps any other procedure you may think affords them protection.
Some have argued that tenure is needed because it affords the security to speak freely without fear.
The newest generation of projector tech affords better color control, contrast, and focus.
Sitting in an aisle seat affords me that luxury, and it's an interesting glimpse into others' lives.
It's that sense of togetherness, of family, that truly affords the scene its continued relevance.
The extra convenience that self-service affords can also bring in new customers.
But such uncertainty affords foreigners and northerners no protection.
Most of them long to marry their lovers and enjoy the respect society affords to wives.
The official silence affords everyone plausible deniability.
Cloud computing affords something more, which may be called added value.
Government affords a system where people try for better life in pursuit of happiness.
Mandatory retirement affords the cover of a policy to encourage the older population to retire.
Having the action of a pictorial melodrama occur on board a railway train affords a certain fascination.
Jocko brings them up in the best style his flourishing saloon affords.
And that fact alone-independent of any increase in hurricane intensity-affords ample reason for concern.
Aggressive fighting for the right is the noblest sport the world affords.
And you fancy, perhaps, that the treaty that has been made by you affords some round of confidence.
The non-articular portion is a rough elevation, and affords attachment to the ligament of the tubercle.
The ignorance of the times affords but few of the trinkets in which that finery consists.
And it is that which romance affords her postulants.
For each of us personally, mirth affords a certain distance from our defeats.
Addiction is an insatiable drive to use a drug because of the pleasure it affords and the side effects of craving that pleasure.
The diverse terrain affords a correspondingly diverse array of activities.
High tide affords the opportunity to explore the salt marsh by canoe or kayak.
Garage parking is available, and the lot affords easy access to the indoor walkway leading to the terminal and check-in stations.
It affords excellent on-site recreational options in the form of a swimming pool, pool tables and a crazy golf course.
Take the stairs or an elevator to the second floor, which affords panoramic views of the city.
The park affords numerous opportunities for wildlife viewing, hiking, rafting and trekking.
Modern atmosphere here affords sophistication for the budget-conscious traveler.
Scale the spiral staircase leading to a turret that affords panoramic views of the city.
Ocean kayaking also affords the chance to see dolphins breaking through the surface right next to you.
The designation affords the local wildlife protection.
For the pilots, the gruelingly long combat cycle affords enough time to build up high levels of visual familiarity and expertise.
Discourse affords some opportunity to challenge the judgments of others and to revise our own.
The arcade, for instance, affords shelter along the sidewalk on a street of shops.
Victimhood affords the enemy a claim to higher moral ground.
It affords a baseline measure for changes that will soon unfold.
And this is the blessed relief that fiction affords.
In other words, a patent is an exclusionary right and affords no positive rights whatsoever.
Part of the benefit that intrinsic human value affords us is the ability to make decisions for ourselves.
He also affords us the teasing pleasure of a code based upon the zodiacal figures.
The offer of food in exchange for certain services affords a convenient example.
The farmers market affords the city dweller a taste of fresh.
Is this one more loveable because he affords her to stay.
Marriage changes an individual's tax status and affords financial benefit.

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