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Hopefully as more people see this as an option it will become more affordable.
The feeling of community, and the beauty of the homes is unmatched, and affordable.
Meanwhile, control efforts are hobbled by the lack of safe, affordable insecticides.
We go with cotton-based material because it's comfortable and available and affordable.
Keep mining the coal that the working poor need for affordable energy.
They deprive low income families of the cheapest affordable omega threes available through media scare.
Most affordable home blenders can't match that consistency.
Environmentally smart architecture, affordable automation systems, and real-time energy monitoring.
What they need is a plan for making education more affordable, not less so.
Around the world, the fight for affordable medical treatment is intensifying.
It boasts a relaxed lifestyle with affordable housing.
Diehard boarders are snatching up second homes here, but so far it has managed to stay affordable.
For more affordable lodging, try guest houses, which offer simple rooms with shared facilities.
Consumers soon grew accustomed to having access to a wide selection of fish species at affordable prices.
The catalyst also is comprised of more affordable and abundant metals than those used in earlier efforts.
Deals abound, and many destinations are more affordable than ever.
As demand increases, solar is also slowly getting more affordable to install.
But federal and state tax incentives are making these systems more affordable.
And luxury is made more affordable with special offers.
The government should provide help for meeting the nutritional guidelines in an affordable way.
One popular version of the programme allows developers to build denser if they include affordable units in their building.
For those with cash, homes are more affordable than they have been for years.
If you want affordable, universal health insurance, then everyone has to buy in.
Expanding the supply of affordable housing would be a good first step.
As prices fall, existing mortgages look less affordable and defaults rise.
Fourth, all cities should craft dedicated policies in critical areas such as affordable housing.
Start saving early enough and a pension becomes much more affordable.
And the starts figures may have picked up the government's drive to build more affordable housing.
The jobs belong to those that are affordable, not to those that wave a flag.
The aim is to provide affordable transportation with value added services, wherever possible, and they do an excellent job at it.
Given the lack of affordable targets, it would now have to pay a steep price to catch up.
Real estate industry lobbyists and affordable housing advocates made up four out of the six witnesses.
He's credited with restoring fiscal stability to the city and creating affordable housing.
Some could be relatively expensive and others could be relatively affordable.
The mandate does have to be part of a social contract that makes insurance available and affordable.
The productivity revolution isn't doing much to make those things more affordable.
Patients have more options and protections for getting quality, affordable healthcare.
The more affordable solar power becomes, the more people are going to use it.
Novel materials might make harvesting sunlight for electricity affordable.
Removing the salt from briny water is becoming more affordable.
The challenge would be to make the structure both affordable to produce and durable enough to be used daily for years.
Whether the development of safer, more affordable vaccines can stop the rise of rabies is unclear.
So far, effective and affordable cleanup technologies have remained out of reach.
Getting a designer and a builder to offer an affordable product is another story.
It's an affordable and lightweight alternative to wood.
It may be easier and more affordable than you think.
But thanks to a new way of planting trees-trained close together on trellises-great, affordable olive oil is here.
And yet reforms that do not address these problems cannot produce an affordable or sustainable system.
They are for people whose wants are definable, material, and affordable.
It's not even that our real estate, when put up against that of comparable cities, is almost criminally affordable.
They are the height of quality food at an affordable price.
Friends of hers over there helped us find affordable places to stay.
The second part of the book is a kitchen guide and twenty easy, affordable vegetarian recipes.
Here you will find luxurious accommodations at surprisingly affordable rates.
The writer describes how cashmere, once a luxury item, has become a fashionable and affordable item for practically everyone.
And, in some cases, these wines are astonishingly affordable.
We found that you can't go wrong with this affordable eco-friendly cream.
Every house has a telephone with affordable long-distance rates.
In those days, an affordable wristband took you almost anywhere you needed to go.
There was a mixing of high and low, affordable things.
And it is going to be affordable-both for the filmmaking, and the exhibition and the consumer-and it's a better experience.
Its not taking freedom or your right to choose away it is making it affordable for people.
But political will and financial incentives have reignited the search for efficient, affordable ways to harness the sun's energy.
Dong decided to try to ease that task by inventing a low-tech, affordable rice huller.
The time when such approaches will be affordable and commonplace is coming soon.
It must be affordable and sturdy enough to handle the occasional trip to an off-road field site.
So now if you want to deliver reliable, affordable electricity, you need to make it at or near the customer's location.
Will this new treatment be available soon and also how affordable would it be.
Her bags are gorgeous, green as can be, and totally affordable.
It's all well and good to advocate getting the shots but how about making it affordable for those too poor to afford it now.
Any heart patient can find affordable treatment within city limits, and any kidney patient can get dialysis within state lines.
The result is a microscope affordable enough for almost any high school biology lab or rural medical facility.
It is becoming a large industry and the price per watt is coming down under two dollars, making it affordable.
We are working with policy makers to achieve a secure, affordable and environmentally responsible energy future for our nation.
Seniors seeking affordable apartments might want to consider starting their search in their own village or town.
Apparently there's no limit to the affordable housing search.
Buying a home is more affordable that it has been in decades.
But now the world is clamoring for affordable clean energy.
The partnership will enable groundbreaking discoveries and affordable solutions for head and neck cancer patients.
We must remain unified in our commitment to making solar electricity affordable for everyone, everywhere.
These systems must be affordable, sustainable, and realistic.
It is no mean feat to design a car that is fast and powerful yet comfortable and safe-and still affordable.
Volume production and modular designs should make the fuel cells affordable.
Nano solar cells have been attempted before, but the company thinks its new manufacturing technology could make them affordable.
The same technology may soon help make hybrid cars more efficient and affordable.
It will take several generations to bring this to the public at an affordable price.
Building community and creating affordable housing opportunities.

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