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Targeted monthly adjacencies allow advertisers to reach affluent, active readers in a complimentary editorial environment.
But a paradox emerges that requires explanation: affluent countries have not got much happier as they have grown richer.
Her milieu is affluent and so mannerly it's boring to read about.
The techno-gap between the affluent and the poor does nothing but widen.
Increasingly, only the affluent can afford four-year degrees.
We're all affluent in terms of seeing our potential.
The most affluent parents spend the least time helping their kids with homework.
For a newly affluent man of advanced years it was an understandable fascination.
The trick is to seek out intellectually curious, less affluent students.
This is in an established neighborhood in a relatively affluent suburb.
Affluent quilt-makers sought the finest of these calicoes and chintzes to sew into lavish bedcovers.
Tan was cultural, tan was affluent, tan was healthy.
The place is thronged, but it's affluent, and it works.
Today affluent cities are among the healthiest places to live.
We are an affluent country and the shots are readily and conveniently made available to everyone.
Affluent parents tend to spend more time talking to their kids and use more complicated sentences with a wider range of words.
But on a world wide scale they're both rather affluent.
Losing food energy by converting it to meat is a luxury that the affluent are more likely to enjoy than the poor.
Tax haven status has attracted the affluent, inflating real estate.
Our readers are influential, affluent and socially connected.
Our visitors are influential, affluent and socially connected.
The attacks have been taking places in areas often perceived as safe and affluent.
The affluent neighborhood plays host to gourmet restaurants, boutique shops and brownstone-dwelling families.
German cars have been selling well to affluent consumers in emerging markets.
The role of these exhibitions is to showcase contemporary art, attract affluent tourists and stimulate local culture.
For the affluent, they provide more value-added services, such as private banking.
There is a small but growing private market for income-protection insurance, aimed mostly at the fairly affluent.
Obesity rates are somewhat higher among people living below the poverty line than they are among the more affluent.
Eventually, he took me to a house in an affluent district of the city, a two-story villa set back from the street by high walls.
And students are increasingly cut off from networks that come with more affluent peers.
The university eliminated loans for low-income students and aggressively recruits students in less-affluent parts of the state.
More-affluent parents were less likely to change their preferences based on information about graduation rates.
And families who are frozen out of the system see public universities as something for the affluent.
Profit opportunities in this potential market would probably accrue to those who serve affluent families.
It's geographically small, financially affluent and the students are fairly high achievers.
For years we've given affirmative action to affluent white students in the area of resiliency.
It's only right, this side believes, for the affluent to help the less fortunate.
If one looks only at test scores, teachers in affluent suburbs get higher ones.
While these relationships are extremely prevalent in affluent circles, they almost always end in disaster.
His audience base is considered to be loyal, affluent, and coveted by advertisers.
The significant majority of affluent people follow only those professional sports they themselves can successfully play.
Affluent people who run private foundations get to direct funds toward causes that are interesting and meaningful to them.
The tax cuts are skewed heavily toward the affluent.
They're relatively affluent, live in neighborhoods where home values are stable, and have spotless credit histories.
In any city, those who raising the limit would benefit will be relatively affluent.
Conservation of nature is sometimes viewed as a luxury afforded only by the affluent.
In repose he has the staid face of an affluent farmer.
Perhaps more to the point, fitter cities are also more affluent.
First off, metros where more people cycle to work are more affluent.
There's a virtuous circle here: as crime falls, more affluent residents stay, providing a broader tax base for better policing.
Chickens were raised in courtyards or backyards in affluent and poor houses alike.
In other words, there are a lot of highly educated and intelligent people who aren't especially affluent.
When people move away as part of normal neighborhood turnover, the people who move in are generally more affluent.

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