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Periods of affluence are followed by a yearning for the simple and primitive.
The leaders, the owners of plantations, were reduced from affluence to poverty.
Or perhaps, ironically, affluence has yielded an attitude of entitlement that has come to permeate student life.
The affluence of the last decades was not shared in a very equitable way .
Economists will have no difficulties connecting the phenomenon with the development of industry and the spread of affluence.
Despite his affluence, he chose to live very modestly.
We might comment on a person's home, noting items that imply affluence.
The comparative affluence of his new customers is obvious.
These feats of endurance make the difference between affluence and merely getting by.
These new levels of affluence are essentially a byproduct of globalization.
Also, if rising affluence creates grain demand, that won't be a problem much longer.
Wherever there is affluence, and a welfare state, people use their resources to get places of their own.
Conspicuous consumption, this research suggests, is not an unambiguous signal of personal affluence.
The achievement gap between children of affluence and children of poverty starts long before the first day of school.
Their rewards are more opaque than salary and options, and could even be imperilled by overt signs of affluence.
Once they reach a certain level of affluence, they also start to buy art.
Otherwise, far from being sterile, the debate about equality should have become more urgent with growing affluence.
And others are straightforward celebrations of affluence.

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