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It is set in the middle of the lifeless desert, where many have reputedly been cured of afflictions.
They also need to determine which afflictions might be treated with reprogrammed cells.
Emotional letdowns, which can cause corresponding physical and mental breakdowns, are common afflictions of big winners.
But it didn't do much for patients with more-systemic afflictions, such as schizophrenia and manic-depressive illness.
They were rarely given a thorough evaluation for addiction, mental illness, or other typical afflictions.
Yet for parents few common afflictions of infancy may be as difficult to endure.
But the global economic crisis will test its resilience as much as any of its traditional afflictions.
For all but mild afflictions vaccinating large portions of a population is cheaper than letting an illness linger.
It will shrink dysfunctional behaviors, criminal behaviors, afflictions and addictions.
Leftist will twist every thing to harp on twisted negativity due to their ideological afflictions.
And when a test inflicts pain or psychological distress, they should have access to treatment that eases those afflictions.
One other note: this year's acting nominees are unusually short of the traditional afflictions.
New studies show how prions can cause mad cow disease and other afflictions.
It takes the eye of an osteopath to diagnose the afflictions and affections of the dinosaur world.
Stress gets blamed for count-less afflictions--from headaches to heart disease.
To this day no one knows for sure what caused--and continues to cause--these afflictions.
But buried beneath these afflictions was a mighty intellect unique in the world.
So far as he was able, he mitigated the afflictions of noncombatants.
In afflictions and disgraces his virtues make him magnanimous.
All who labour under the heavy load of afflictions fly to them for refuge.
Under these afflictions she was much helped by the prayer which she had then begun to use.
We have to recognize, it is argued here, the role of freedoms of different kinds in countering these afflictions.
There is convincing evidence that a steady regimen of physical activity can prevent, delay or minimize these afflictions.

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