afflicting in a sentence

Example sentences for afflicting

When extracted, these chemicals can serve as pesticides against common pests afflicting your garden.
There are many mosaic viruses, each afflicting a different plant.
He scarcely allowed his body what was necessary to sustain life, and found out every day new ways of afflicting and mortifying it.
The confusion of aims afflicting the space program from the beginning was in essence a confusion of time frames.
Extreme heat had been preceded by weeks of rain, and rot was afflicting some of the other fruits and vegetables.
It is such a sad and divisive argument, fought by adults but afflicting students.
The misery afflicting the country has no political affiliation.
They tend to have gone to see many doctors in search of a medical cure for whatever is afflicting them.
Attention-deficit disorder is afflicting seniors too.
Tunnel trouble is only one of the woes afflicting the book trade.
Dengue is a recurring disease that has been afflicting the city for the past decades.

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I thought that a Jewish state would be free of the evils afflicting other societies: theft, murder, prostit... more
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