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The job of the news media is supposed to be to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted.
But this is not an option for tests for those diseases that afflict only those in the tropics.
Drug companies need little arm-twisting when it comes to investing their resources into diseases that afflict millions.
For example, diabetes and heart disease often occur together and both often afflict overweight people.
Modesty doesn't commonly afflict million-selling rock stars.
Older suburbs are starting to suffer from some of the crime and joblessness that afflict inner cities.
Today expectant parents concerned about the diseases that could afflict their unborn children don't have a lot of options.
Some donors ask that their gifts be used to ease the loneliness, illness and distress that can afflict the aged.
But even today's mild strain causes aches and pains, which afflict different regions in different ways.
But the tumors that afflict us are not foreign parasites that have acquired sophisticated strategies for attacking our bodies.
These soft patches afflict all recoveries, he said, but they normally prove short-lived.
And cellulite doesn't only afflict the full-figured.
The same problem will surely afflict any future purchases in fashion.
If not corrected it can, in some cases, eventually afflict the entire hand.
Whatever the economic vicissitudes that may afflict the world of luxury, some parts of the empire are bound to be making money.
Musicians marveled at the fact that he never practiced and that his hands were free of the calluses that afflict other drummers.
High drug prices afflict the elderly and chronically ill the most.
But in fact the problem can afflict those traveling in roomier seats, as well.
However, murderous conflicts continue to afflict the continent.
Not that those problems don't sometimes afflict our heroine, too.
Muscle soreness and cramps can afflict almost anyone.
Maybe genomics or proteomics will usher in an age free of many diseases that continue to afflict us.
We now have treatments for nearly all of the tens of thousand of diagnoses and conditions that afflict human beings.
In fact, eating meat causes many diseases that afflict us.
At first they used magic mainly to affect the weather or to afflict local people who had annoyed them.
Therefore they did set over them taskmasters to afflict them with their burdens.
It is of itself a principle that lifts the heaviest of the burdens that afflict labor.
He was not then in the darkness which blinds him, nor subject to mortality and the woes which afflict him.
Afflict me not by any base infidelity and cowardice.
In winter, severe blizzards and ice storms may afflict parts of the country.
Almost all of the tax complications don't afflict ordinary people.
The studies are intended to impact the treatment and management of diseases that afflict both veterans and non-veterans.
External parasites including lice, mites, fleas and ticks also afflict coyotes.

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