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Example sentences for affix

Remove the protective backing on the double-stick tape on the top edge and affix the film to it.
The bread seems to affix itself magnetically to the fingers.
Store these smaller boxes in drawers and affix the boxes with prominent labels that indicate their contents.
He hopes to one day permanently affix artificial legs to the bones of horses and other creatures.
The artisan uses the last to tack down damp leather and affix the sole with pegs.
The buffer prevented damage to the silicon during a high-temperature annealing process used to affix the thin film.
Affix a mirror or piece of polished, galvanized steel to the top surface.
It is illegal to affix any sign or flier to a lamppost, and these have been glued down, making them almost impossible to remove.
But if nothing else, she is a politician on whom labels do not affix easily.
And for customers who want to use an umbrella as a cane, the shop will affix a rubber tip to the sturdier models.
Showy flowers are designed to attract birds and bees, and they make pollen that is designed to affix to their pollinators.
To help with aerodynamics, teams will affix extended handlebars.
Refusing to affix them gave me some freedom of action in the world of heraldry, and so with her names.
Children are supposed to affix them to three clear plastic jars where they can drop their coins and bills.
Methinks he must have been grievously tempted to affix the other end of the rope to some convenient beam or bough.
Staff behind the counter weigh and package the items you choose and affix a price tag.
In such cases the pitch is merely inherent in the radical element or affix, as any vowel or consonant might be.
The test normally requires trained technicians to affix a special cap and is not always performed.
The needle is used to introduce small anchors into the heart and affix them to the tissue around the mitral valve.
Permitted wholesalers who are required to purchase and affix the state-administered county revenue stamps to cigarettes.
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