affiliated in a sentence

Example sentences for affiliated

The carmaker's affiliated bank and financial-services units both want state loan guarantees.
Some affiliated species, including many parasites, are adapted to a single host species.
Voters who are independent or affiliated with the minority party might therefore be encouraged to turn out to vote more often.
It is staffed by white-coated doctors from a nearby hospital, to which it is affiliated.
There may be divisions within the movement or between its leadership and affiliated insurgent groups.
One reason is that the major automakers give affiliated dealerships responsibility for large areas, usually a prefecture.
Exchange listing fees and affiliated services are a big source of income for host cities.
The proportion rises to three-quarters if people simply affiliated to the security services are included.
The department store owners and the affiliated government officials were indicted.
All of the large venture-capital firms are affiliated to big stockbrokers.
New college-affiliated retirement communities are learning from their forebears.
The statement asks whether anthropologists affiliated with the military can uphold a commitment not to harm the people they study.
Sign up for an open water course with an instructor affiliated with a major scuba certifying agency.
Lines radiate from each ring, connecting to other circles with which they are affiliated.
My suggestion, stop watching both networks and their many affiliated networks.
The system was set up by a coalition of people, including normal, everyday citizens that are not affiliated with drug companies.
They are both affiliated with anti-warming think tanks.
Please check this box if you do not wish to be contacted directly by a non-affiliated advertiser.
We're accompanied on stage by a cast of amazingly talented professional musicians affiliated with the school.
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