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Example sentences for affection

It did encourage kindness and affection, but it simultaneously encouraged cruelty and hatred.
Love is not a science, it is a feeling of affection.
Cats yawn to show affection.
He remained the object of Elizabeth's affection all the same.
Music does a pretty good job of expressing affection, amorous intention, and other feelings that can be screwed up by mere words.
Wells patted his heart, a traditional sign of affection.
Despite his faults, you see, I retain a sort of exasperated affection for the fellow.
The affection seems to be mutual.
Our affection grows as an object looks more human.
This kind of behavior is often not at all about affection.
My cats have competed for my affection since birth.
There are also hop-heads, who have a great affection for hops.
He treated his soldiers with a fatherly affection and respect, but was never patronizing.
The penguins must also weather, oddly, an excess of affection from all the people who want to see them.
Done right, staring can increase feelings of closeness and affection and strengthen the bond between two people.
Honestly, this finding brings tears to my eyes: simple human affection is that long-lasting and important for dogs.
Suing libraries and universities is not a move calculated to win public affection.
To this they each add the importance of play and storytelling, not to mention the affection of family.
But the impressive thing was his fellow student's alertness, which stemmed from affection.
Many of us also have an affection for scholarly pursuits as well.
In my heart there is a chamber larger than a stadium that scarcely contains my overflow admiration and affection for jazz singers.
The object of my affection was the grand scores that television networks use to herald in their election coverage.
Affection and respect for poetry spread by such means.
She really never got over it, and she had enormous affection for him.
So the party has been stuck with a putative nominee who enjoys neither respect nor affection.
The nine stories in that collection-haunting tales of grief and frustrated affection-were widely lauded by critics.
But to be fair, his capacity for affection stretches farther than that, even unto another gender.
But affection and affectation don't sit well together.
He brought stability and prosperity to the country and is regarded with great affection.
He says it with affection, an honorific won from my ability to make his phone read his e-mail.
The two corresponded with appreciation and even with signs of affection.
Armed with these funds, the president is trying to buy back estranged voters' affection.
The author's affection for his subject shines through-but is never sickly.
Its affection doesn't come at a high price, despite the millions who are willing to pay for it.
Salukis show great affection toward their owners, she said, but can be standoffish with strangers.
Little wonder hummingbirds inspire heartfelt affection and stuttering efforts at description.
Feathers, claws, and beaks of the cranes are also used in drinks and as decorations for promoting monogamy and affection.
He examines his animals, feeds them special food, showers them with affection.
Surely the object of your affection could not have changed that much.
To me it's a perfectly natural example of maternal care and affection to a kitten who's dreaming.
Affection must come later, when the leadership role is fully established.
She explains that the animals are dangerous, but show a degree of affection.
Each page illuminates her big-hearted affection for her home country.
The mooning at the airport was a real show of affection.
With broken heart and loving affection, my sad goodbye.
Michal loves his brother's scary bedtime tales, an affection he conveys with infectious ingenuousness.
They're not known for their public displays of affection.
He hangs around outside a family's home on his hands and knees, wearing a dog suit, hoping for scraps of food and affection.
Parody can be done from malice or from affection, but it is fundamentally a mode of subversion.
Henry pondered his affection for his parents, and decided it was becoming distant and routine.
Alsop recognizes that, for the moment, she is more of an audience draw than the composers for whom she has such obvious affection.
He had great affection for his riders, and considered ninety-nine per cent of them to be wonderful people.
He brought casual clothes to a level of invention and he never outgrew his affection for the collegiate style.
He has said that there was never any show of affection in his house.
Despite this adversity, many residents hold deep feelings of affection for their communities.
These days, few would disagree that respect and affection are central to a successful marriage.
She didn't show affection, and she didn't seek out her parents when she was upset.
You've twice shown me so much affection during my miseries.
He shrugs off questions, his face betraying neither affection nor anger.
It simply directs its affection toward the parasite.
In this respect, he acknowledges, his affection for church members does influence his role as a researcher.
When you're nature's ideal killing machine, perhaps color vision is merely an unnecessary affection.
They find fighting and beating each other up as a way of expressing affection.
It nuzzles its head against its owner's cheek in an apparent display of affection.
She showed us with simple pride and affection and restrained grief his picture.
Thus, by gaining their confidence and affection, she easily conducted them to virtue.
Even such as are begun in the spirit, without the utmost precautions, will degenerate into a carnal affection.
Make sure to lavish affection on your clients, and try to ensure that every one of them has a positive experience.
He had always taken for granted his affection for his parents and their behavior he had never questioned.
But key among a vehicle's affection-inducing features is its appearance.
And in the time since then, our affection has only increased.
Americans by and large have great affection for their president.
These luxurious accessories are used to express only measured affection.
Each year they lengthened their stay as their affection for the island grew.
People still have enormous affection for the original lineup.
There was certainly no sign of affection between them.
Apparently the two boys had been rivals for her affection.
Don't hold back when it comes to pouring on the praise and showing physical affection.
Babies clung to their mothers not for affection but because mothers provided food rewards.
Yet this film's familiarity ends by breeding affection rather than contempt.
She often spoke of her lifelong craving for affection and her need to give it.
Doing so brings them the affection and attention on which they thrive.
Pull out all the stops in pursuing the object of your affection.
Use sense of humor, artistic talent and affection to keep them inspired.

Famous quotes containing the word affection

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