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What's affecting me, my clients and other small-business owners this week.
Bipolar disorder may be linked to mutations affecting circadian rhythm.
Skype's two-day outage is affecting more than its own user confidence levels.
But the students did seem keenly aware of how financial pressures were affecting their campuses and their own futures.
The air has been going bad in many parks for decades, affecting views and endangering the health of visitors, plants and wildlife.
It has the ability to trigger memories and emotions unlike any other stimuli affecting our senses.
While the financial crisis is affecting everyone, the recession is hitting older people in a unique way.
The column should touch on your personal experiences but also relate to broader issues affecting academe.
Test your awareness of the global trends affecting us all.
The second involves random events affecting select individuals within a group.
At this time, the problem is only affecting a small minority of users.
Takeoffs and landings are performed at steep trajectories, which decrease the level of noise affecting the surrounding area.
The experimenters concluded that it was not the changes in physical conditions that were affecting the workers' productivity.
These may have failed, through the fraud and violence of others, in affecting this election.
Wal-Mart says the tags will help reduce theft and counterfeiting, the latter particularly affecting prescription medicines.
Lees did find evidence that the tough economy is affecting campaigns.
Directly, it will influence their position on matters affecting education and biological research.
So there is no mechanism in our facial muscles that is affecting our mood.
The results are barely recognizable as the original music, but strangely affecting.
It's going to be huge relief for me when it does happen, since it's affecting more and more students every semester.
Until recently this was a chronic disease affecting only adults but now children are also getting it.
It unfortunate to have politics affecting education stability.
Besides the usual business considerations, there seem to be two particular worries affecting the sale.
Tariffs on foreign goods would be not only politically appealing but would also have the benefit of affecting the poor most.
It can't be a general problem that's affecting the mind as a whole.
When held to the head it's capable of electrically affecting areas of the brain within a few centimeters of the surface.
These are big questions, affecting the nature of the state, sovereignty and democracy.
The land here is a discordant but oddly affecting mix of skeletal rock and rain forest.
Eventually shock waves form around the airplane, affecting the lift and drag.
Territorial squabbles between traffickers are now affecting city life.
There are no historical statistics that could prove global warming is affecting local sea currents.
Some factors affecting strategy, such as big retailers' buying power, are well-known.
Whatever is affecting frogs might one day affect other animals-and people-as well.
In addition, changing sea-ice conditions may be affecting narwhal survival.
It is a deeply affecting film, with a forceful message.
Meet the people who investigate the cultures of the world and the social issues affecting them.
The country's authoritarianism will also prove a limiting factor, affecting not only the humanities but the sciences as well.
Researchers do have some ideas about what could be affecting bee health.
People need to see that climate change is already personally affecting millions of people and animals all over the world.
The physical act of covering a beach with foreign matter changes the beach, affecting this delicate balance.
Also, of course, increasing human populations and habitat loss are affecting all animals.
It's affecting everyone who is alive on the planet, and it will inevitably affect their children and their children's children.
The disappearance of this critically important fish is affecting the entire ecosystem.
See never-before-seen video of the dam's lake draining, and find out how the end result is affecting habitat for salmon spawning.
These increases would be offset by cuts in some of the agency's other research areas, such as those affecting homeland security.
Yet his burnished, plaintive voice is utterly distinctive, and his artistry affecting.
They will take part in the discussions when matters affecting their interests are on the agenda.
There was no material change in conditions affecting city real estate during the past week.
The researchers can spread the display over a curved surface without affecting performance.
His team is currently researching ways to pull together existing databases without affecting how they're already being used.
One inherent problem with wheel motors is that they increase unsprung weight thus adversely affecting handling and comfort.
Robotic avatars could do heavy work in conditions impossible to humans and avoid tragedies affecting millions.
However the future is only really affecting the present, so you can see time travel is possible but only to the present.
It's remarkably affecting, balanced and reliable-and it offers a rare perspective.
But the rage of travelling is a symptom of a deeper unsoundness affecting the whole intellectual action.
They could even work on the environmental problems affecting the billion-plus permanent residents.
But there is another way in which emotion is affecting the economy.
My father has been her primary caretaker and this has been adversely affecting his health as well.
It takes place in a beautiful place, and it is affecting without being maudlin.
The sound of his voice, noble and affecting, gained those hearts which his presence intimidated.
Jet planes work by affecting air pressure, creating lift that buoys the plane.
They are affecting something else which really is making the changes.
Affecting action toward improving science education is yet another.
By affecting the outcome of elections, they gain the power to get their own personal agenda items made into laws.
It's a complex system with a host of factors affecting how it works.
In summary, physics currently has no process by which cell phones can come close to affecting the brain.
When you go to the bank for a loan, your own credit history isn't the only thing affecting the interest rate.
Today alone, that meant hundreds of flights canceled, likely affecting thousands of customers.
In a dead zone, fresh water on the surface caps the oxygen below, affecting organic material at the bottom.
The action is tighter, more precise and more affecting.
Worrying signs of heatstroke affecting one of the ruling-party's septuagenarians.
That's a pretty momentous choice, affecting millions of people directly and billions indirectly.
The other long-term trend affecting water is climate change.
Central bankers will find it harder to know how they are affecting monetary conditions or to be clear about what they are doing.
But to understand exactly how climate change is affecting the polar regions, the thickness of the ice needs to be known too.
However, there are so far no compelling data on how clouds are affecting warming in fact, as opposed to in models.
The rise of equities is also affecting the management of companies.
In addition, things that affect them positively have a good chance of affecting us positively.
In other words, the researchers achieved incredibly localized heating of cell membranes without affecting the rest of the cell.
The team found a total of six mutations affecting genes that had previously not been linked to autism.
Ignorance of things affecting cognizance does not provide proof of lying.
Maybe all those wind turbines will end up affecting wind speed.
The bigger question with electric vehicles is how to dispose off the used batteries without affecting environment.
Expanding your horizons, building relationships, and affecting change in the world bring true happiness.
The data regards nutritional intake early in life affecting physical health later in life.
While at the event of stress it affecting to the heart and get collided with the full function of the blood system.
Maybe it's our nutritional changes that are affecting the rates of autism.
It is a contagious and affects all areas of the body as well as affecting cognitive function.
Even a small error can have a large impact on your credit report, affecting your ability to secure loans or get a job.
Yes there is research that finds certain proportions and symmetry affecting ratings of attractiveness.
Of course, advancing age may be affecting my memory.
The result is an affecting mix of diplomatic memory and filial rediscovery.
We can't get enough of stories about how the recession is affecting people--rich folks especially.
But the inflation that came with such torrid growth also cascaded downwards, affecting the cost of living across the country.

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