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The genetic tweak affected more than physiology-it changed how the mice performed on memory tests, too.
The new artificial skin is aimed at a severely affected subset of patients.
When you put your print subscription on hold, your digital access will not be affected.
Unemployment in 1980 averaged 7.2%--and affected 18.1% of the labor force.
Perhaps he was affected by the biting criticism from within the legal community.
The blackout affected three million people.
The young folks were less affected; they laughed as well as sang.
Isabel is most deeply affected by the alterations in her brother's behavior.
Some of the glue affected the paint, causing small blisters in places.
If mildew appears, snip off affected leaves.
The stress of the job has affected him in a variety of ways.
Bridges and roads were wrecked throughout the affected region.
They are strongly affected by any source of stimulation, and it affects their mood and reactions.
Glacial melt and the seasonal rains, the key suppliers of water, are already affected by climate change.
And some of those survivors dramatically affected the societies they beached upon.
They had alcohol-affected blood cells dancing around the stage.
But the market that confined him to that prison affected other writers, and readers, too.
We will be affected by what is going on in our country.
The havoc affected the famous and the little known alike.
Rest or keeping the affected tendons still is essential for recovery.
The blood vessels of the hands and feet are especially affected.
Owners of affected cars should receive a letter about the repair.
No gentleman goes to a lady's house if he is affected by alcohol.
He was thinking of that afternoon and how it had affected his whole life when a spirit of protest awoke in him.
He, more than any other of the later essayists, affected his lesser contemporaries of the pen.
He did not permit himself to be affected by their position.
But if it was an affectation, she was at a loss to see what her husband affected.
The vine is more affected by the difference of soils than any other fruit tree.
Giving by wealthy donors could also be affected by another proposal in the budget plan.
Affected residents were warned to boil their water before drinking it.
It's not surprising that each letter has affected me enough to cause stomach pains.
For example, one set of maps displays before and after images of areas affected by the disaster.
There are a lot of reasons, none of which will be affected by streaming.
The impact at the individual level is real, families and incomes affected.
Those of us having degrees in hand are less affected, but no less saddened by the loss.
Inform students that people all over the world are affected by the weather.
Ask students to discuss some of the times when the weather has affected their activities or plans.
Human settlement is affected by the distribution of resources.
Perhaps the island is being affected by immigration or emigration.
Ask them to consider how monsoon winds might have affected maritime trade routes.
Encourage each group to sketch a map showing the areas affected by the environmental problem.
Use our interactive disaster map to see how the state's landscape has been affected by its location on the edge of a plate.
Handling the objects affected the subjects' impressions and decisions, the study found.
Other organisms affected by temperature change include krill, an extremely important link at the base of the food chain.
Ask students how their lives are affected by the climate of the place where they live.
When floodwaters recede, affected areas are often blanketed in silt and mud.
Many affected areas could prepare for floods and fires, population migration, and the spread of disease.
Plants can return rapidly to areas affected by volcanic eruptions.
In the developed world cataracts hardly ever cause blindness, and mostly elderly people are affected.
Among other factors, prevailing winds can influence what areas are affected.
In the wild, affected animals are often unable to move and either die or quickly get eaten by predators.
Here's hoping that all the people affected by this loser anesthesiologist are alright too.
The fact that posture affected participants' answers indicates that the decision-making process isn't as rational as it may feel.
They then studied images of the rats' brains to see how naltrexone affected brain activity.
The researchers determined which affected genes were likely to cause damage-and where in the body that damage that might occur.
It's possible the brain re-organization has affected their scenting abilities.
Moon formation and spin rate are heavily affected by large late formation collisions.
And then they investigated how that sound-anatomy interaction would be affected by sonar.
He said not being able to have facial expressions affected his mood greatly.
Hypothesis: a sociopath would not be affected by being greedy.
Farming is perhaps the oldest means by which humans have affected the world's climate.
The spill affected people living in or near the sound economically and culturally.
So there were some questions around that-how substance use had affected him and how he metabolized things.
Changes in water droplet shape then affected the the trajectory of dispersed spores.
Anything that affected oxygen-processing bacteria up top would also affect the sulfide-eating microbes below.
And even flights in areas experiencing calm weather could be affected.
In affected vehicles, a full-sized spare tire specified for certain export markets may have been mistakenly installed.
Milk scorches easily, and once it scorches, the flavor is unpleasantly affected.
First, the surgeon removes the scorched tissue from the affected area.
Skills shortages and power cuts also affected operations.
Industrial production may be adversely affected in the interim.
Americans, normally a patriotic and positive bunch, are perhaps being affected by the recession.
The outbreak caused a sharp drop in private consumption in the economies it affected.
The recession affected trade in both goods and services, but not to the same extent.
All kinds of investment-equity capital, reinvested earnings and intra-company loans-were affected by the downturn.
If an environmental and social impact study was conducted at all, it did not involve consulting the affected villagers.
Julius lives alone and walks alone, conscious of how much he is affected by the light of the seasons.
The citizens affected should be compensated sufficiently so that they can re-start their lives somewhere else.
Gambling, long considered recession-resistant, was one of the first industries to be affected by the latest recession.
The percentage of incorrigibles is not affected by the cruelty or kindness of the law.
There are plenty of places across the country that weren't directly affected by the flooding, tornadoes, and snow.
The impact of aids on fashion itself can't be measured in a literal way, but it clearly affected creativity as well as business.
We should not allow ourselves to be affected by this fear.
The demonstrations this summer have also affected the way politicians talk.
The whole episode affected a good many other people besides myself.
The same regression has affected even countries that appeared to take the boldest steps toward change.
It could also be useful in monitoring patients and perhaps even targeting drug treatment to affected areas of the brain.
In addition, ratings are affected by social networks.
The development of our mothers' ova could potentially be affected by the environment of our grandmothers' wombs.
Thus the future has prevented the present and affected it.
Outsourcing affected my income but you don't hear me complain.
When governments make bad choices, billions of people can be affected negatively.
Transportation could be affected even more profoundly.
The second mutation affected cell growth and division and the third affected the cell's environment.
Growing location also significantly affected appearance and texture.
The idea is to inject the material directly into whatever part of the spine or brain is affected.
Second, the ratings of the national anthems might be affected by the nationality of those making the ratings.
But our culture is affected by these powerful visual images.
Katharine, you asked how the clock mechanism is affected and no-one really answered that.
White and blacks on the other hand, probably aren't affected by this dynamic at all.
Those researchers are working to figure out the functions of the genes affected.
They are affected by moves that have gone before, and what other people are doing.
Rather, their expectations affected their behaviour, which then affected the volunteers' behaviour.
Hearing loss where both the conductive and sensorineural systems are affected.
While many businesses were in the path of these storms, some were affected and others were not.
The operation was made public to prevent rumors that could have affected his company's share price.
The government has indicated all museums and archeological sites will be affected as well.
Another letter might be about the whole picture of what is happening at your business and how you affected the situation.
Kirk's stroke affected his left side, particularly movement of his left arm and his face.
Your sister's problems have thrown the entire family system off kilter and everyone is affected.
But state attorneys argue neither has standing and they lack proof of being truly affected.
For a family that had two children that both were affected by the bombing.

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