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They yield to the leaders of their group, but they also sneak off to engage in clandestine affairs when no one's looking.
Then an establishment newspaper offered him a column-writing about foreign, but not domestic, affairs.
At these extravagant affairs, more is indeed merrier.
The palace was once the royal residence and is still used for state functions and formal affairs.
They came together to trade and decide community affairs.
What a sad state of affairs your intellectual integrity is in.
Dehumanization is generally a negative state of affairs.
But if ye persevere patiently, and guard against evil,-then that will be a determining factor in all affairs.
Most improvised bombs used by insurgents are decidedly low-tech, jury-rigged affairs.
Today, conflicts tend to be drawn-out, low-intensity affairs requiring fewer but longer sorties by sea-launched planes.
Its system of democracy ensures that people have a direct say in the country's affairs.
She has been exploring career options in higher-education administration, academic advising, and student or academic affairs.
We must create a variety of fictions to live comfortably with this state of affairs.
Traditionally, journals were private or even secret affairs, and were never linked to other journals.
In foreign affairs he was sometimes naive and erratic.
She reluctantly complied, but got her own back in other ways, mainly by having blatant affairs.
Some of them argue that many of the jobs are mediocre minimum-wage affairs.
But they provide a striking insight into the ways that geography can shape human affairs.
Human affairs have therefore been intricately related to water.
He writes frequently about politics and foreign affairs.
Even stranger is the lack of attention given to foreign affairs by the candidates themselves.
So it'll take some serious wisdom to explain this un-fun state of affairs.
We tend to think of emotions as private affairs, feelings that wash over our subjective worlds.
Being so heavily consumed and wrapped up in day-to-day affairs maybe blinding us from the bigger picture in life.
Shifts in the affairs of the noble families who own these places have every so often necessitated a move.
Yet only a tiny fraction of this activity is devoted to politics or public affairs.
Eight years later, he was made the minister of foreign affairs.
Home page of the under secretary for public diplomacy and public affairs.

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