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No solemn, somber affair for these kids, a pilgrimage is a big party.
One business that has totally boomed through these tough economic times is the affair business.
Immediately thereupon, student falls enthusiastically into a torrid affair with professor.
His return to the headlines gives the affair a retro feel.
Her house survived, a one-story yellow brick affair with red shutters.
For you see, my father had carried on a lifelong affair with the sea.
It's a blowout affair that includes an unlimited number of roasted ears for every participant.
The evolution of life has not been an orderly affair.
The wake of the affair will be a long one and no doubt in time its effects will lessen.
Temperatures in summer can soar, and soupy humidity can make long walks a wilting and steamy affair.
Even when both partners seem willing, males are often unable to consummate the affair.
It's an impressive, and surprisingly long, affair for its two-day development.
The three-minute song-and-video production is a fast-paced, colorful affair.
However, in contrast to those millions of years you speak of, professional therapy is a strange affair.
These and similar remarks reveal the true victims of this affair.
To hear him tell it, they're not always the violent affair you'd imagine.
The affair has provoked much agonised introspection.
With no funding this is going to be a purely viral marketing affair.
The whole affair turned into a game of low-tech one-ups-manship.
Glacier formation is a far more complex affair than glaciers melting away.
As the affair unfolded, what struck many observers wasn't the rally of detractors, the organized indignation.
Curie reacted to the sorry affair by throwing herself into her work.
Look at the amount of work that went into this whole affair.
In any case, given the financial picture, an online version would necessarily be a much-reduced affair.
The joint itself is a narrow stand-up affair, its hot turquoise walls joyfully cluttered with pop-art collectibles.
His friends point out that he has already resigned one plum role over the affair.
Having worked tirelessly to achieve a position of gentlemanly respectability, neither a divorce nor an open affair was an option.
Here the catastrophe of the affair stood upon a sharp edge.
In spite of their best efforts, however, the dinner was a languishing affair.
Its success for the moment is the affair of the publisher alone.
However, this is not to say that the album is a weighty, serious affair.
By its nature, riverboat cruising is a far more intimate affair than the behemoths that cruise the open seas.
Luckily, filming the beautiful ocean wildlife is a much easier affair.
But even then this smoking vaccine won't be a one-and-done affair, or a lifelong cure.
His complicity or dereliction of duty or innocence in the affair will now be more difficult to establish.
To top off the whole affair, the letter from the president upholding my tenure denial was addressed to me at the wrong department.
Because the launcher doesn't include a webcam, ballistics are a trial-and-error affair.
Because the quarks and gluons within a proton are constantly interacting, a proton-proton collision is an inherently messy affair.
Such imagination can be a cold affair, not unlike understanding how airplanes fly.
My politically correct indoctrination does not provide adequate guidance with this affair.
Yes, an affair with a part-time staffer is pretty good.
Politics loses its moral structure and purpose, and turns into an affair of group interest and personal ambition.
Combat now is a less crowded affair and more dependent on sophisticated electronic equipment.
The script changed daily to capitalize on the affair's latest revelations.
It was a pretty standard affair with a plain rim and a few small holes punched through the bottom to keep the crust crispy.
On the face of it, human gait seems a symmetrical affair.
The result is that the originally simple communications technology has become a complex and convoluted affair.
Information technology is playing a transforming role in this traditionally labor-intensive affair.
My impression of this whole affair is that the joke will ultimately be on the bot's creator.
In general, a scientific team of more than two is a crowded affair.
It was one of the first of the sedans-all closed in a big square, boxlike affair.
The perfect affair has to be accompanied by the perfect cuisine.
We pumped them for recipes for food and drink, this strawberry-hued affair being one they recommended.
Many felt that if he had admitted the affair, the jury might have believed the rest of his story.
The two strike up a flirtatious exchange that carries them through an affair, and which makes up a large chunk of the narrative.
At first she resists his advances, considering him vain and lazy, but they soon begin an affair.
The result of their cooperation is a decidedly mixed affair.
However, there may be a different explanation of this affair.
They're almost essential if you're having an affair.
It's not uncommon for the final game to be a tense affair that spends much of its time at less than full throttle.
The whole affair might have been one of a confused maternal instinct, they claimed.
Among living whales, baleen is an all-or-nothing affair.
If one does not have property at stake marriage can be much more of an individual affair.
Mako courting is a violent affair with males often inflicting serious bites on their intendeds.
Last year he told me he was having an emotional affair with one of his employees.
Get a cell phone and use it exclusively for your affair.

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