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Her merchants already stood afar off, lamenting for their great city.
Additionally, there is a need for architecturally significant sites to be visible from afar as a landmark or destination point.
Also, spend a little time talking with those who have lived through communism, not eggheads who have viewed it from afar.
They also help to organise them into study groups, and then supervise from afar, dropping in on discussions and marking tests.
Gizmos and gadgets will talk to other devices-and be serviced and upgraded from afar.
But the flip side of this genius is that people come to take for granted things they once coveted from afar.
Obviously it makes sense to choose a product that has been grown locally over an identical product shipped in from afar.
Fine particles gather in the areas of lowest gravity, creating patches that look smooth from afar.
Afar tribeswomen extract water from this forbidding landscape by building small stone towers over the geothermal vents.
Jumping spiders, as their name suggests, leap onto their prey from afar.
In any country town you could smell a butcher shop afar off, not because the meat was tainted but because it was strong.
For an observer from afar, all the explanations you and others given are plausible.
He talked about his decision to flee, his new book, and how he plans to continue his work from afar.
At is own level of psychological problem drama it is indeed afar better than average example of the genre.
In fact, it has sparked an excitement bound to look suspect from afar.
By the end, they had exerted so much energy that both of their chests could be seen heaving from afar.
In addition, be sure to stay on pathways when observing the birds from afar.

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The poor in bustling towns aren't called upon, but the rich deep in the mountains have relatives visiting them from more
A person far from home is not valued highly, but goods imported from afar are.... more
On him who wields power gently, the god looks favorably from afar.... more

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