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Instead he resolved that his writing would not only be factually scrupulous, but as aesthetically pleasing as possible.
It's aesthetically ugly, but functionally it's beautiful.
And much of it, while produced for commercial purposes, was aesthetically arresting.
Subjects were then asked whether they found the sculptures aesthetically pleasing.
Most aesthetically and historically significant examples of industrial design have been average or small cars.
There seems to be little question that nature can create aesthetically pleasing sounds.
What resulted were products that were simple, functional and more aesthetically clean than their ornate predecessors.
It's an aesthetically pleasing design, which is what drew his attention right away.
Nor can it be said that any single picture is more saliently, more intellectually and aesthetically important than all the others.
The powder did take care of the blood stains, leaving aesthetically pleasing pink patterns.
And few early computers could be described as aesthetically pleasing.
The pack is aesthetically appealing and tactical looking without going over the top for civilian use.
The result is a series of aesthetically charming, scientifically lacking frescoes.
But if you're looking for an aesthetically pleasing bare-bones reader you can certainly do worse.
The result is aesthetically and sensually appealing entertainment.
Apple products are aesthetically pleasing to look at.
The forested and mountainous interior is ecologically rich and aesthetically appealing.
These efficient little wind turbines generate renewable energy within city limits and in an aesthetically pleasing way.
The interface for the cabin electronics is unintuitive and not aesthetically pleasing.
Complain about the lack of renewable energy, but then block offshore windfarms because it's not aesthetically pleasing.
No connection to local culture, aesthetically bland if not offensive.
By employing a few space-saving tricks, it's easy to create a highly functional work space that is also aesthetically pleasing.
It has to be aesthetically intriguing, but everything else varies.
But again, it's not aesthetically pleasing and can use some images or even video to enhance the content.
Statistically and aesthetically that dissonance seems perverse.
Lambda holds a special place, culturally and aesthetically.
Finally, remember that the best gardens are aesthetically consistent with what's inside your home.
Mouton was an innovator known for his cost-effective yet aesthetically pleasing structures.

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