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The new browser is much more than an aesthetic overhaul.
Also, human conscience has its aesthetic component: our taste for "poetic" justice, the idea of symmetry.
Jones has become famous for creating a modern dance aesthetic that addresses major moral and social questions.
Maintaining the turn-of-the-century aesthetic was key.
Today, an inspired aesthetic is everywhere visible, from artisan studios to boutique hotels.
Charleston's new bridge needed more than aesthetic appeal.
The resulting aesthetic is modern and minimalistic.
His latest projects venture into urban landscapes and non-aerials but have the same hauntingly beautiful aesthetic.
The color scheme and patterns evoked a laid-back Southwestern aesthetic.
Here is mathematics' beauty made visible, with super computers and a kind of cybernetic aesthetic.
Published eight volumes of verse, a tragedy, and some studies in aesthetic.
But he used them only to suit his own aesthetic purposes.
The tubby are a health disaster and an aesthetic outrage to boot.
Carvers and stone sculptors have left utilitarian objects and artworks of surprising aesthetic quality.
Aside from the obvious aesthetic benefits of this building style, there are engineering advantages.
Aesthetic appeal is high, although rather gray and dreary in the off-season.
The fountain, lauded by some for its technological innovation, has also been criticized for clashing with the park's aesthetic.
Green carpet turf was stapled to the plywood and surrounded the pond to provide a naturalistic aesthetic.
And if different sizes were made available how aesthetic it would look as well.
Participants were asked to rate various aesthetic aspects of logos.
Eulogies focused on his design aesthetic and his understanding of what customers value.
Overall the website changes appear to be mostly aesthetic, which is fine.
From the point of view of aesthetic and intellectual elegance, it is a bad experiment.
The aesthetic part of aging is more or less tied or even the direct result of the functional aging.
Some think the notion is an affront to those who place cultural, spiritual or aesthetic value on biodiversity for its own sake.
All recovered without complications, and the aesthetic results were judged excellent.
No one knew how exacting he was-a mad perfectionist with an aesthetic few would understand.
The details and paint jobs may differ, but the general aesthetic rarely does.
It imbues these trendy devices with a more modern aesthetic and a snappier feel.
Sanborn removed it for aesthetic reasons, thinking it wouldn't affect the way the puzzle was deciphered.
But the screen's aesthetic appeal makes up for any inconvenience its size may bring.
Our findings support the idea that when people make aesthetic judgements, they are subject to a variety of influences.
He had an astonishing aesthetic sense, which businesspeople almost always lack.
His subjects include aesthetic theory and the philosophy of film and visual arts.
They aren't toys or playhouses or aesthetic gestures, and they aren't shacks or cottages, either.
His aesthetic is clean and instantly readable-broad social cartooning rendered with the graphic bang of an indie concert poster.
He has a crisp aesthetic that favors a clean blueprint to let playfulness stand out against simplicity.
They discover and promote emerging talent, and help established designers refine and enlarge their aesthetic and commercial goals.
Rather, while he acknowledges his status and aesthetic preferences, he leaves little room for the myriad pleasures of retro.
It occurred to me that maybe part of the impetus for many librarians to move toward microfilm is an aesthetic consideration.
Automobiles and other wheeled vehicles are permitted, but they do not take precedence over human needs, including aesthetic needs.
She was as influential as any director was in helping me develop my aesthetic.
On another, purely aesthetic level, they are a sensation.
The history of architecture since then has been largely an effort to find a way out of that aesthetic dead end.
But his distance went far beyond any aesthetic concerns.

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