aerodynamics in a sentence

Example sentences for aerodynamics

Finally, the large size of the crest may indicate that it played a part in aerodynamics.
The author needs to educate himself on the concept of aerodynamics.
But when he looked at the scientific literature he found that the aerodynamics of their fins had not been fully explored.
Not only can a coating of ice add significant weight to a plane, but it can also change the aerodynamics of the plane's airfoil.
The problem with looking to bats for inspiration is that scientists are only starting to figure out bat aerodynamics.
If you can't see that evolution is about as established a theory as say, gravitation or aerodynamics, then you can't see it.
In the ruthless world of auto racing, aerodynamics can make the difference between stunning victory and fiery oblivion.
The team focused much of its attention on maximizing aerodynamics and cutting weight.
Larger aircraft achieve stability through aerodynamics.
And besides, the principles of aerodynamics and radar-deflection know no political borders.
He published a number of learned aerodynamics and meteorology papers.
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