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Sooner or later a sort of aerodynamic lock-in occurs.
The fairing will protect the spacecraft from the impact of aerodynamic pressure and heating during ascent.
He was much interested in aerodynamic problems, and had also had medical training.
Instead they rely on aerodynamic lift from the spinning blades to stay in the air.
Airplane wings exploit some of the same aerodynamic tricks.
Critics say the ball is too light and aerodynamic, and it may behave unpredictably and create problems for goalkeepers.
Excessive weight and vehicle attachments that make the car less aerodynamic and also run up your gas usage.
The entire team has to stay as low as possible in the sled during the race for aerodynamic purposes.
They dream of stars but couldnt be bothered to pick up their mechanical or aerodynamic textbooks again.
Make them lighter, more aerodynamic, and more efficient.
The gun turrets were costly in aerodynamic drag as well as in weight.
If cars would be lighter and more aerodynamic than solar cars would make a lot of sense.
On the aerodynamic brilliance of the hummingbird, and whether it could be recreated by engineers.
Its orientation and aerodynamic exterior accelerate the wind and channel it underneath the station.
The killer attraction of such an aircraft would be its smooth aerodynamic profile, leading to low operating costs.
Receptors in the wing membrane sense aerodynamic conditions.
Insects use a combination of aerodynamic effects to remain aloft.
In today's racing bikes, cables are routed inside the frame tubes to keep the bicycle as aerodynamic as possible.
So it seems that plants and animals have both stumbled on the same aerodynamic approach to battling gravity.
Even more important, the new spray models captured the distortion of the droplets, which tends to increase their aerodynamic drag.
The new wing's main element is a monolithic box with an aerodynamic nose along its leading edge.
Rather than accelerating on their way down, drops of water from the showerhead actually decelerate due to aerodynamic drag.
The skip feature was deferred owing to aerodynamic heating problems, and the program was eventually canceled.
Optical lift is different from the aerodynamic lift created by an airfoil.
Or, wet fur might make the bats less aerodynamic, meaning it takes more power to fly.
It does make me wonder how it effects their aerodynamic flight, or their fighting angles.
That's how the shuttle's aerodynamic surfaces are controlled, for instance.
The cart is quite aerodynamic, so it makes a crappy sail, but it's still a sail.
According to traditional aerodynamic theory bees were incapable of flight.
Lotus racing cars over the years have been celebrated for their light weight and innovative use of aerodynamic shapes.
However, systems which must perform in special aerodynamic environments are not easily tested.
Drag also depends on how aerodynamic a rider can make their body and how well they can drive the sled to minimize friction.
Now, he's penned a design study that uses fake fur for aerodynamic efficiency.
We're also seeing improvements in the airframes, including weight reduction and aerodynamic improvements.
The thin paint makes the plane more aerodynamic and slide more efficiently through the air.
At that point, the wings were no longer keeping the plane aloft, creating a situation known as an aerodynamic stall.
It was clean and uncluttered and attractively aerodynamic.
Plus, the jagged, aerodynamic design is likely to attract plenty of double takes on the street.
Airstreams are a lightweight, aerodynamic, aluminum original that conjures up visions of summer vacation.
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