aerobatics in a sentence

Example sentences for aerobatics

Most airshows are all about fast airplanes and aerobatics.
They don't tend to get over their targets and do aerobatics.
The definition of aerobatics means many different things depending on your perspective: air shows, loops and rolls, and precision.
Kiting that combination means a heart-thumping experience of big aerobatics and incredible speed.
The males perform aerobatics to attract females during breeding season.
Aerobatics may be performed by white-throated swifts and violet-green swallows.
Pairs will often fly with wingtips touching even while performing barrel rolls or other aerobatics.
He is the author of several books and videos on stalls, spins, aerobatics and emergency maneuvers.
Then look skyward and wait for one to begin his aerobatics.
Lessons learned from instructing in aerobatics and gliders will be applied to the general aviation power pilot.
It's that time of year again when pilots are practicing aerobatics.
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