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The aerial can be adjusted to the frequency of those signals by lengthening or shortening the spout.
Continued advances in unmanned aerial vehicle technology have profound implications regarding the nature of modern warfare.
Its size is better seen on a map or from an aerial photograph.
Unmanned aerial vehicles are being tested for all kinds of future applications to help law enforcement, as well as the military.
Yet the inspectors found programmes for a range of undeclared unmanned aerial vehicles.
Those initial bleak impressions were based on aerial views.
The military has long-standing procedures in place for designing and executing aerial missions.
Although hurricanes are aerial beasts, they draw their power from marine heat.
Unidentified aerial phenomena offer a lesson on the residue problem in science.
Here's an aerial view of the overall plan of the garden.
These observations, and the results of other ground-based surveys, were combined with traditional aerial photography.
But the gulls' aerial dance seems less hunger-driven than ceremonial.
Imagine an aerial photograph of the whole city that is so detailed it can capture something as tiny as a fire hydrant.
In aerial combat, then, low tech may be the new high tech.
They make truck-mounted cranes and aerial work platforms.
And the other had the aerial prowess of a barnyard chicken.
Scientists have devised a way to measure the health of coral reefs through aerial surveys that record color characteristics.
Most aerial disasters happen because of an lengthy list of multiple complex factors.
The future of aerial warfare is more robotic than ever.
Aerial combat typically refers to air-to-air actions.
But it could be a crucial advance in aerial warfare.
It uses echolocation to scan for aerial plankton, which it scoops into its enormous mouth.
Some squid don't rely on such subtle aerial acrobatics.
Combining aerial shot-detection with full-motion video poses huge technological challenges.
The aerial installation is dazzling at first glance.
Normally, this allows wide-angle aerial views to be captured in proper perspective.
Aerial vehicles can fly under the forest canopies that piloted airplanes can't see through.
Satellite data was too coarse and aerial photos uninformative.
For example, aerial infrared cameras are used by police to discover cannabis-growing operations.
What they've done is in effect, create a crystal radio comprising aerial and tuner.
From looking at aerial photos, my guess is the generators were on a pier where the fuel tanks could be replenished by boat.
Some are computerized simulations of aerial, maritime, or land warfare.
The bold exploits, the daring feats, the perils of aerial warfare-that was the easy part.
Another possibility is an agreement to share aerial tankers.
These pull the rider up the slope without lifting the board off the ground, as do chairlifts and other aerial contraptions.
It's home to big production high-diving aerial shows and water acrobatics with the ocean as a backdrop.
Mantas have few predators-only large sharks-so it's not known why they perform such aerial acrobatics.
Finally, aerial photographs can be more economical than direct counts.
Aerial photographs are used by a variety of people to investigate the ground surface.

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